2023 Summer Sale Flyer


MFR STICK The firmest massaging stick on the market! Steel stick doesn’t flex or bend when pressure is applied. Ball bearings in the handles allow for smooth rolling on both skin and clothing. Roll over tight areas to help mobilize joints and improve range of motion.


#2219-01 20" MFR Stick $59.95 $44.00 #2219-02 26" MFR Stick $69.95 $49.00

ROLLGA FOAM ROLLERS Unique shape penetrates muscle tissues while avoiding bone structure. Patented design helps release trigger points in ways that traditional rollers can’t. Designed for connective tissue therapy as well as spinal alignment. Helps speed up recovery and eliminate unnecessary stiffness. Rollga Dynasty is a moderate-to-firm density roller while the Pro is extra-firm. Reg. SALE #2209-01 Rollga Dynasty (18" x 6") $34.99 $26.00 #2209-02 Rollga Pro (18" x 6") $44.99 $32.00

FIRST PLACE ® SPEED ROPES Very light and turn with incredible ease. Lightning-fast ropes are perfect for speed jumping. Ropes are 9'6"L. Length adjusts easily to make shorter.

FIRST PLACE LIGHTNING ROPE A fast, licorice-style rope.

Long handles with a foam grip help prevent hands from slipping. PVC cord eliminates rope tangle. Each rope is 9'6"L. Reg. SALE #3429-01 Lightning Rope $12.95 $9.00



#3421-01 First Place Speed Rope $14.95 $11.00 #3421-02 First Place Ultra Speed Rope $21.95 $17.00


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