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TRX SUSPENSION TRAINERS Secure it to any sturdy attachment point and you‘re ready to train. Kevlar equalizer loop prevents any sawing through the nylon straps. Adjusts from 6' to 9' in length to accommodate users of all sizes and abilities. Industrial-grade nylon webbing can hold up to 1,000 lbs. TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer has adjustable foot cradles, larger padded triangles for increased comfort, and antimicrobial handles. Locking carabiner allows clubs to keep their suspension trainers locked so they can‘t be taken. Sweat System includes a TRX Suspension Trainer with foam grips, a door anchor, and PDF workouts that you can download any time. Reg. SALE #1401-01 TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer $239.95 $189.00 #1401-04 Sweat System $219.95 $169.00

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NEW! FIRST PLACE CONNEX CORDS Anchor cords for effective band training anywhere!

Connex Cords are 32"L and have a carabiner which allows for cords to be set up anywhere. Safety sleeve protects bands from wear and tear and provides safety for the user. Each set comes with 2 bands, so you can use each arm independently. Perfect to use for shoulder rehab and upper body strengthening. Door Attachments are designed to fit doors between 28" and 44" in width and transform your doors into a workout station. Wall Anchors can be mounted to a wall to create a multifunction station. Each anchor is rated to over 500 lbs.




$39.95/pr. $29.00/pr. $39.95/pr. $29.00/pr. $39.95/pr. $29.00/pr. $39.95/pr. $29.00/pr. $39.95/pr. $29.00/pr. $39.95/pr. $29.00/pr.

Extra Light

#1243-02 Light #1243-03 Medium #1243-04 Heavy

#1243-05 Extra Heavy #1243-06 Super Heavy

#1243-25 Door Attachments (Set of 2) #1243-26 Wall Mount Anchors (Set of 4)

$19.00 $22.00

$24.95 $29.95

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