2023 Summer Sale Flyer


FIRST PLACE ® HANGING CLUB MATS Save floor space by conveniently storing mats on the wall. Durable foam mats are great for floor-based exercises. Eyelets allow for the mats to be stored when not in use. Mats are available in a variety of sizes. Adjustable Mat Rack easily mounts to the wall and can hold up to 12 mats. Hardware not included. Hanging Club Mat System includes 10 of the 48" long mats as well as an Adjustable Wall Mount Mat Rack for storage. Reg. SALE #3018-48 / Hanging Club Mat (48"L x 20"W x 1/2"H) $ 28.95 $ 22.00 #3018-56 / Hanging Club Mat (56"L x 23"W x 1/2"H) $ 32.95 $ 24.00 #3018-72 / Hanging Club Mat (72"L x 23"W x 1/2"H) $ 38.95 $ 29.00 #3015-01 Adjustable Wall Mat Rack (Fits mats up to 23" W) $ 39.95 $ 31.00 #3018-99 Club Mat System (Available in Black or Blue) $254.95 $199.00

Mini Balance Pad

FIRST PLACE ® ECONOMY BALANCE PAD Helps improve stability and alignment. Soft foam pad creates instability. Stand on one or two legs and perform squats, lunges, and reaching touches to improve stability and strength. Measures 17"L x 15"W x 2.5"H. Mini Economy Balance Pad is the perfect size for kneeling exercises, standing on one foot, or traveling with. Measures 12.25"L x 2.5"H. Top measures 7.5"W and bottom is 9"W. Reg. SALE #1004-01 Economy Balance Pad $44.95 $32.00 #1004-02 Mini Economy Balance Pad $29.95 $21.00


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