2021 PB Holiday Sale Flyer

ASSAULT AIR BIKE An air bike that offers a high-intensity, low impact cardio workout for all skill levels. • Offers as much resistance as you can handle—the harder you pedal, the greater the resistance. • Dual-action design synchronizes your arm and leg movements to simulate your natural motion. • Display shows distance, watts, time, and calories and has an odometer with set intervals. • Reinforced crank, pedals, and heavy-duty pivot points make for a stronger bike. • Measures 51"L x 24"W x 50"H. •  Windscreen shields riders from wind and is easy to install or remove. Reg. SALE #2003-01 Assault Air Bike $895.00 $699.00 #2003-25 Windscreen $ 39.95 $ 35.00

FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN TEST KITS Test and assess functional mobility, stability, and flexibility.

•   Provides a simple grading system to assess movement. •   Functional Movement Screen Tests include the Deep Squat, Hurdle Step, In-Line Lunge, Shoulder Mobility, Active Straight Leg Raise, Trunk Stability Pushup, and Rotary Stability. •   Lightweight, self-contained Test Kit includes hurdle, dowel, measuring device, and Motor Control Screen Slide Box. •  Professional FMS Test Kit is a high-end kit made of bamboo with a urethane coating for added durability. Kit has laser-engraved measurements and can be broken down and stored in the FMS Travel Bag that is included. Reg. SALE #3801-01 FMS Test Kit $199.95 $154.00 #3801-02 Professional FMS Test Kit (Wood) $379.95 $299.00






FIRST PLACE BANANA STEPS Versatile, all purpose mini hurdles! • Hop, step, jump, or bound over them. • Set up a course to improve athleticism, agility, strength, and power. • Change heights for speed or strength work and lateral movement drills.



$10.95 ea. $ 8.00 ea. $11.95 ea. $ 9.00 ea. $16.95 ea. $12.00 ea. $19.95 ea. $14.00 ea.

#3414-06 #3414-12 #3414-18 #3414-24

6" High (18"W x 9"D) 12" High (18"W x 11"D) 18" High (24"W x 14"D) 24" High (24"W x 19"D)



PB EXTREME ® SINGLE LEG SQUAT STAND Perform single leg exercises comfortably. • Perfect for working your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and low back. • Use for all single-leg work. No more searching for a bench! • Sturdy design now has a one-piece tubular steel base with a heavy-duty vinyl-encased foam covering. •  Adjustable Single Leg Squat Stand can be adjusted from 9"–21" in 3" increments. Reg. SALE #4146-01 Single Leg Squat Stand (32"L x 22"W x 18"H) $209.95 $164.00 #4068-02 Adjustable Single Leg Squat Stand (35"L x 22.5"W) $289.95 $219.00

ABC LADDER #1 product to improve agility, balance, and coordination. • Spread out or pick up in seconds. Easy to use and will not tangle. • Stores on its own handle. • 30' long, 16" wide with sturdy flat plastic rungs

that form 19 squares, each 17" long. • Use as 30' ladder, or unsnap and use as two 15' ladders or four 7½' sections. • Fixed rungs for no-hassle setup and greater durability. Reg. SALE #3632-01 ABC Ladder (30' Long) $84.95 $68.00

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