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Attach Bands to T-Bar Hooks

Add Bars to Extend Your Setup

ANCHOR GYM PULL-UP BAR All the great features of a pull-up bar with patented T-Bar hooks.

WALL CHINNING BARS Rugged chinning bar is great for schools and gyms.

T-Bar hooks allow you to attach bands and suspension trainers to your bar. Made of 11-gauge steel square tubing with a 1.25" diameter solid steel bar. Includes two brackets, one bar, and mounting hardware. Measures 48" long and comes off the wall 24". Extension Kit includes one additional bracket and another 4' bar. This allows you the option of adding onto your Anchor Gym setup over time.

Perfect for doing pull-ups, attaching suspension trainers, or storing stability balls. 50" long bar has a 1¹⁄ ¹ 6 " grip diameter. Center of the bar measures 22" away from the wall. Mounting hardware not included. Multi-Station Pull-Up Bar is a 10' long bar that provides a 3-position station for multiple users at once. #1478-01 Wall Chinning Bar $309.95 #1425-02 Multi-Station Pull-Up Bar $539.95

#1424-01 #1424-02

$299.95 $179.95

Anchor Gym Pull-Up Bar

Anchor Gym Pull-Up Bar Extension Kit

PB EXTREME MULTI-GRIP PULL-UP BAR Designed to give you unlimited grip options for your pull-ups. Use for wide, narrow, or neutral grip pull-up variations. Knurled bars make gripping the bars easier and help keep hands secure. Bars measure 30mm thick. Center of the bar measures 22" off the wall and is 50" wide. Mounting hardware not included.

TRX MULTIMOUNT Create a designated space that is perfect for small group training. Each one includes a monkey bar attachment and has a 750 lb. max weight capacity. Available in 7', 14', and 21' configurations.



TRX MultiMount



Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar



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