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Improve Core Stabilization


Integrated, Multi- Joint Movements

Studio Pack

BOSU ® BALANCE TRAINERS Versatile training device improves balance, core stability, and proprioception.


With bubble side up, sit, stand, lie, kneel, or jump. With platform side up, do pushups or planks. BOSU Pro has a commercial-grade bladder and an extra-strong platform. Includes downloadable training manual, pump, and one- year warranty. BOSU Elite has a firmer dome and reinforced base. Rugged, high density dome provides greater force production and high intensity loading. Tactile, non-slip honeycomb grip spring-loads feet. Includes pump, online access to video library, and two-year warranty. BOSU Sport is a smaller version of the balance trainer. Compact design allows for easy transportation. Includes a pump and 90-day warranty. Studio Rack stores up to 6 fully inflated BOSUs. Rack includes band storage pegs on the back. BOSU Studio Pack is great for smaller studios and gyms. Includes 6 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers and the BOSU Studio Rack.

#1001-Pro #1001-Elite #1001-Sport

$ 194.95 $ 219.95 $ 144.95 $ 379.95 $1349.95

(26") (26") (20")

BOSU Pro BOSU Elite BOSU Sport

#1001-26 #1001-99

Studio Rack

(21.5"W x 36.5"D x 73"H)

BOSU Studio Pack


POLY BALANCE BEAM A great balance training device for users of all ages and abilities. Improves balance and spatial awareness. Low height gives a sense of security while helping with foot placement. Flat, flexible, molded polyvinyl material is firm yet soft. Folds in half for easy, convenient storage. Measures 8'L x 4"W x 1.5"H.

Gives Proprioceptive Feedback

PB DISC PILLOW Strengthens the muscles that stabilize your ankles, knees, core, and shoulders. Use to develop balance and joint stabilization. Stand, kneel, sit, or do pushups on this soft, unstable disc. Versatile, air-filled discs can be placed on a chair to improve body alignment while sitting.

#1012-01 Poly Balance Beam $119.95

#1003-01 PB Disc Pillow (14") $29.95



THERA-BAND ® PRO SERIES SCP™ STABILITY BALLS Quality ball at an affordable price. The Slow Deflate Advantage™ gives superior comfort without excessive softness. Stability balls are to be used for body weight exercises only. Each ball includes two plugs, an inflation adapter, and a measuring tape to help ensure proper inflation. Thera-Band® Exercise Ball Guide Poster detailing 24 exercises is included. Blaster Hand Pumps are handheld dual-action pumps perfect for inflating 1–3 stability balls or adding air to already inflated stability balls. Sport Pumps are fast dual-action pumps that can be used to quickly inflate multiple stability balls.

SAVE 15%

buy 3 or more

#1008-45 #1008-55 #1008-65 #1008-75 #1008-01 #1008-02

$34.95 $39.95 $44.95 $52.95 $13.95 $29.95

(18") (22") (26") (30")

45cm PRO Series SCP Stability Ball 55cm PRO Series SCP Stability Ball 65cm PRO Series SCP Stability Ball 75cm PRO Series SCP Stability Ball

Blaster Hand Pump

Sport Pump

Hand Pump

Sport Pump


Read Instruction Sheet, including safety precautions and inflation instructions, prior to use. The ball can burst, and serious injury may result if the ball is overinflated, becomes cut or otherwise damaged, or is used while lifting weights. Examine the ball carefully for blemishes or cuts before each use.

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65 cm

45 cm

55 cm

75 cm


PROFESSIONAL SB WALL RACK Space-saving! Keeps balls off the floor while adding a professional appearance. Mounting hardware and assembly instructions included. Heavy-duty steel construction with powder-coated finish. Holds up to four stability balls.

THE LOOP Easy-to-mount, single stability ball rack. Mount them close together or have a ball handy anywhere in the gym. Sturdy steel construction holds up to 15 lbs. in hollow walls, even without finding a stud.

Sturdy construction keeps your facility organized. PVC Rack is made in the USA of furniture-grade PVC plastic. Holds 8 stability balls of any size.

Professional SB Wall Rack



(96"L x 20"W)

#1011-01 #1011-02

$39.95 $39.95

The Loop The Loop

#1009-08 8-Ball PVC Rack (54"L x 18"W x 88"H) $279.95

WOBBLE & ROCKER BOARDS Long-lasting professional balance boards.

16" Wobble Board (tilt angles 15°, 17°, 20°) 20" Wobble Board (tilt angles 10°, 12°, 15°)



Use the Rocker Board for basic balance work, then progress to the adjustable Wobble Boards for intermediate to advanced exercises. Improves balance, coordination, and proprioceptive awareness for athletic performance and injury prevention. Adjust the sphere under the Wobble Boards to increase or decrease difficulty. Made with extra-strong birch wood that holds up to 500 lbs. Grip tape strips prevent slipping. Exercise instructions included.



20" Rocker Board (max. tilt angle 16°)



Rocker and Wobble Board Stand (holds any 3) Rocker and Wobble Board Package (1 of each plus stand)







SAVE 15%

buy 3 or more



Travel Pad

Non-Slip Airex Pad

Balance Beam

XL Pad

AIREX ® BALANCE PADS Improves joint stability through moderate instability.

Unique closed-cell design allows user to slightly sink into the mat, creating instability; feels like you are standing on a gel-filled pad. Stand on one or two legs and perform squats, lunges, and reaching touches. Balance Pad Elite has a non-slip texture to reduce sliding. Airex Travel Pads are the same great material as the regular Airex Balance Pads, but their smaller size makes them ideal for traveling and storage. Airex Balance Beam can be used with wide side down for more stability or narrow side down for greater instability. Airex Balance Pad XL has the same unique design as the Elite Airex Pad but is longer in length to allow for more space for your exercises. #1007-01 Airex Balance Pad (20"L x 16.4"W x 2.5"H) $ 82.95 #1007-02 Non-Slip Airex Balance Pad Elite (20"L x 16.4"W x 2.5"H) $ 96.95 #1007-03 Non-Slip Airex Balance Pad Elite (20"L x 16.4"W x 2.5"H) $ 96.95 #1007-04 Airex Travel Pad (16"L x 10"W x 2.5"H) $ 62.95 #1007-05 Airex Balance Beam (64"L x 9.6"W x 2.6"H) $184.95 #1007-06 Airex Balance Pad XL (38"L x 16.4"W x 2.5"H) $199.95

FIRST PLACE ® ECONOMY BALANCE PAD Helps improve stability and alignment. Soft foam pad creates instability. Stand on one or two legs and perform squats, lunges, and reaching touches to improve stability and strength. Measures 17"L x 15"W x 2.5"H. Mini Economy Balance Pad is the perfect size for kneeling exercises, standing on one foot, or traveling with. Measures 12.25"L x 2.5"H. Top measures 7.5"W and bottom is 9"W.

Mini Balance Pad

#1004-01 Economy Balance Pad #1004-02 Mini Economy Balance Pad

$44.95 $29.95



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Resistance Chart for First Place Superbands

FIRST PLACE ® SUPERBANDS Thick, extra-strong bands can be used for a variety of exercises. Use for assisted chin-ups and pull-ups. Provide resistance for X-walks, shuffles, lunges, squats, and more! Great for assisting with stretching. Use 1½"W bands and wider for movement- resisted exercises.All bands are 40"L and 5mm thick. #1213-01 ¼" W $10.95 #1213-03 ½" W $13.95 #1213-04 ¾" W $19.95 #1213-05 1" W $20.95 #1213-06 1¹⁄ 8 " W $26.95 #1213-07 1½" W $29.95 #1213-08 1¾" W #1213-09 #1213-10 2" W 2½" W 3¼" W #1213-11 #1213-12 4" W

SAVE 15%

buy 3 or more

$32.95 $36.95 $42.95 $52.95 $69.95



NT LOOP Provides more comfort, stability, and durability than traditional latex bands.

SLING SHOT HIP CIRCLE Great for hip and glute activation and strength.

Great to use around the waist to increase glute activation during deadlifts, squats, hip thrusts, and resisted running. Place around your foot, ankle, or thigh, to perform standing hip adduction and abduction exercises or hip flexion and extension movements. Soft fabric has an inner layer with non-slip grips. Each loop is 50"L x 3"W. Burn + Loop is stiffer and provides more resistance. Burn-X Loops are designed for exercises that require maximum resistance, such as jumping and cutting exercises and waist-resisted exercises. # 1239-01 NT Loop - Burn $49.95 # 1239-02 NT Loop - Burn+ $59.95 # 1239-03 NT Loop - Burn-X $59.95

Soft and extremely durable band won’t pinch skin when being stretched. Wear just above the knees and use for linear and lateral walks. Helps clients and athletes force their knees out while squatting and sumo deadlifting. The XL hip circles are better for people over 260 lbs. Hip Circle Max is made of a stiffer material than the regular Sling Shot Hip Circle, providing more resistance for the user. The XL size is best for people over 230 lbs. #1212-01 Sling Shot Hip Circle 15" Diameter $29.95 #1212-02 Sling Shot Hip Circle XL 16.5" Diameter $29.95 #1226-01 Hip Circle Max 15" Diameter $44.95 #1226-02 Hip Circle Max XL 16.5" Diameter $44.95

NEW! PB ISO BANDS A comfortable, safe, and durable resistance band.

Perfect to use for anchored or self-anchored exercises. More comfortable than rubber—does not pinch! Easy on hands and feet, so no handles are necessary. 100"L loops with 3.75"W elastic webbing. Bands have a 50" range of motion before a “soft” end that can be used as a dynamic isometric hold. All bands are made in the USA. Iso Band Light goes from 10–40 lbs. of resistance. Iso Band Heavy goes from 15–80 lbs. of resistance. Prowler Loops are 8"L loops that are ideal for resisted running, agility drills, and any training ideas that benefit form a long range of motion. 14” Flat Loops come in a set of 3 (light, medium, and heavy) and are great for resisted lower body movements.

FIRST PLACE ® SAFETY TONER LOOP Sleeved covering protects the band and user from breaks.

SAVE 15%

Covering provides comfort when using for both upper and lower body exercises. Great for lateral shuffles, leg lifts, bear crawls, and more! Loops measure 12" in diameter. #1211-01 Light $12.95 #1211-02 Medium $13.95 #1211-03 Heavy $14.95

buy 3 or more

#1240-01-Light #1240-01-Heavy #1241-01-Light #1241-02-Heavy

$35.95 $39.95 $75.95 $79.95 $32.95

Iso Band 50 Iso Band 50

Light (10–40 lbs.) Heavy (15–80 lbs.) Light (15–45 lbs.) Heavy (15–45 lbs.)

96” Prowler Loop 96” Prowler Loop



14” Flat Loops

Set of 3


9" Mini Bands

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12" Mini Bands XL

FIRST PLACE ® MINI BANDS Our most popular band!

2"W band stretches up to 2½ times its length. Use anywhere—on the field, at home, in the clinic or gym, or even when traveling. Use for lateral walks, leg raises, and shoulder stabilization exercises.


$ 2.50 $18.75 $ 2.75 $20.50 $ 3.00 $22.50 $ 3.25

9"L x 2"W




Pack of 10 - Light


9"L x 2"W



Pack of 10 - Medium SAVE!


9"L x 2"W




Pack of 10 - Heavy


9"L x 2"W

Extra Heavy Pack of 10 - Extra Heavy




$ 8.95


Pack of 4 - One Each Resistance


Mini Bands XL are 12"L, great for exercises where the bands may be used above the knees, and great for use with taller athletes. Monster Bands are 20"L, great for use with taller clients and allow you to add resistance to flexibility exercises and basic stretches.


$ 3.00 $22.50 $ 3.25 $24.50 $ 3.50 $26.50 $ 3.75

12"L x 2"W

Light XL



Pack of 10 - Light XL


12"L x 2"W

Medium XL


Pack of 10 - Medium XL SAVE!


12"L x 2"W

Heavy XL



Pack of 10 - Heavy XL


12"L x 2"W

Extra Heavy XL Pack of 10 - Extra Heavy XL Monster Band




$ 6.50


20"L x 2"W

Pack of 4 - One Each Resistance

# 1220-06



Activate Glutes and Hip Flexors

Use for Shoulder Stabilization Exercises

Great for Hip External Rotation Exercies



PB EXTREME MINI BANDS Special formula helps keep bands lasting longer than regular Mini Bands. Special latex material helps bands last longer and remain strong throughout use. Material does not rip or tear as quickly as other bands. Use for lateral steps, leg extensions and shoulder stabilization exercises. Suitable for all fitness and strength training levels.

# 1235-01

$ 4.00 $29.95 $ 4.25 $31.95 $ 4.50 $33.95 $ 4.75 $35.95 $13.95

9"L x 2"W


# 1235-01-PACK

Pack of 10 - Light

# 1235-02

9"L x 2"W


# 1235-02-PACK

Pack of 10 - Medium

# 1235-03

9"L x 2"W


# 1235-03-PACK

Pack of 10 - Heavy

# 1235-04

9"L x 2"W

Extra Heavy

Bands Don't Roll Up

# 1235-04-PACK

Pack of 10 - Extra Heavy

FIRST PLACE ® MINI BAND ELITES Last up to 2 times longer than regular First Place Mini Bands

# 1235-05

Pack of 4 - One Each Resistance

PB Extreme Mini Bands XL are made of the same strong formula as the PB Extreme Mini Bands, but are 3" longer and great for taller athletes.

1"W bands are not as wide as our original Mini Bands, but are thicker for extra du- rability. Tight-fitting bands do not roll up like other looped bands. Great for lateral walks, monster walks, and squats. Use for both upper and lower body exercises. #1233-01 Light 9"L x 1"W $ 3.50 #1233-01-PACK Pack of 10 - Light SAVE! $25.50 #1233-02 Medium 9"L x 1"W $ 3.75 #1233-02-PACK Pack of 10 - Medium SAVE! $27.50 #1233-03 Heavy 9"L x 1"W $ 4.00 #1233-03-PACK Pack of 10 - Heavy SAVE! $29.50 #1233-04 Extra Heavy 9"L x 1"W $ 4.50 #1233-04-PACK Pack of 10 - Extra Heavy SAVE! $31.50

# 1236-01

12"L x 2"W $ 4.50

Light XL

# 1236-01-PACK


Pack of 10 - Light

# 1236-02

12"L x 2"W $ 4.75

Medium XL

# 1236-02-PACK


Pack of 10 - Medium

# 1236-03

12"L x 2"W $ 5.00

Heavy XL

# 1236-03-PACK


Pack of 10 - Heavy

# 1236-04

12"L x 2"W $ 5.25

Extra Heavy XL

# 1236-04-PACK

$39.95 $14.95

Pack of 10 - Extra Heavy

# 1236-06

Pack of 4 - One Each Resistance

FIRST PLACE ® ANKLE CUFFS Easy to put on, easy to use, and perfectly priced. 24"L band has two padded ankle cuffs for comfort and durability. Great for lateral steps, shuffles, runs, and more! #1222-01 Ankle Cuff - Light $16.95 #1222-02 Ankle Cuff - Medium $16.95 #1222-03 Ankle Cuff - Heavy $16.95 #1222-04 Ankle Cuff - Extra Heavy $16.95

FIRST PLACE ® LATERAL RESISTANCE BAND Extra thick, padded ankle straps provide comfort and versatility. Use for lateral walks, runs, shuffles, monster walks, and more. Padded ankle straps attach with Velcro around the leg. 6"L tube provides the perfect amount of resistance.

#1221-01 #1221-02 #1221-03

$19.95 $19.95 $19.95

Light Lateral Band Medium Lateral Band Heavy Lateral Band



GRAY COOK BAND The perfect band for all of your corrective exercises. This all-purpose band can be used for chops, lifts, presses, PNF patterns, and more. 5'L band stretches up to three times its length for variable resistance. Sliding foam pads give easy, comfortable grip. Nylon loop at each end allows band to be attached to a door or used with a therapist.

#1201-01 #1201-02 #1201-03 #1201-04 #1201-06

$44.95 $44.95 $44.95 $44.95 $44.95

Extra Light




Extra Heavy

SAVE 15%

buy 3 or more

Sliding Grip Handle

Resistance Chart for Gray Cook Bands, All-Purpose Bands, Professional Tubing and Exercise Tubing with Handles

Scan to see this in action

FIRST PLACE ® PROFESSIONAL TUBING Strong, durable tubing has large swivel handles. Great for pushing and pulling exercises. Each tube is 5'L and has contoured handles that swivel with each movement. Level 1 offers the lightest resistance while Level 9 offers the most.

#1210-01 #1210-02 #1210-03 #1210-04 #1210-05 #1210-06 #1210-07 #1210-08 #1210-09

$14.00 $14.50 $15.00 $15.50 $16.00 $16.50 $17.00 $17.50 $18.00

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9

SAVE 15%

buy 3 or more

Large, Contoured Swivel Handles



FIRST PLACE ® ALL-PURPOSE EXERCISE BANDS Extremely strong and durable. All-Purpose Exercise Bands are two 4'L heavy-duty bands that connect to a 10" nylon loop. Each arm can push and pull independently. Train with a partner or connect the loop to any secure object.

#1204-01 #1204-02 #1204-04 #1204-06 #1204-08 #1204-09

$24.95 $24.95 $24.95 $24.95 $24.95 $24.95

Extra Light Band

Light Band

Medium Band Heavy Band

Extra Heavy Band Super Heavy Band

Travel Band is a smaller version of the All-Purpose Band. Shorter (2'L) so it’s versatile and portable. Use in tight quarters and on the road.

#1205-02 #1205-04 #1205-06

$19.95 $19.95 $19.95

Light Band

Medium Band Heavy Band

SAVE 15%

buy 3 or more

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Large Attachment Loop

Plastic Handle

Foam Handle

FIRST PLACE ® EXERCISE TUBING WITH HANDLES Quality at an affordable price! Perfect for anyone to use in the gym or out on the field. Provides smooth, consistent resistance. Each tube measures 4'10"L with the handles. Available with foam or plastic grips. Plastic Handles #1206-01 Level 1 $ 9.95 #1206-02 Level 2 $10.95 #1206-03 Level 3 $11.95 #1206-04 Level 4 $12.95 #1206-05 Level 5 $13.95 #1206-07 Level 7 $14.95 Foam Handles #1207-01 Level 1 $10.95 #1207-02 Level 2 $11.95 #1207-03 Level 3 $12.95 #1207-04 Level 4 $13.95 #1207-05 Level 5 $14.95 #1207-07 Level 7 $15.95

SAVE 15%

buy 3 or more



FIRST PLACE ® SAFETY TONERS Safety covering protects the band from wear, nicks, and cuts.

Safety Toners provide safety for not only the user but for the elastic as well. Bands are 4'L with a hard plastic grip. Color-coded handles make identifying resistances easy. Toners can stretch up to 3 times their length.

#1208-01 #1208-02 #1208-03 #1208-04 #1208-05 #1208-06

$14.95 $15.95 $16.95 $17.95 $18.95 $21.95

Extra Light




Extra Heavy Super Heavy

Safety Toner Pros

Safety Toner Pros are two 4'L safety sleeve tubes connected to an 8" nylon loop. Each arm can be worked independently. Center nylon loop allows you to attach bands to a secure anchor point or use with a partner.

#1209-01 #1209-02 #1209-03 #1209-04 #1209-05 #1209-06

$34.95 $36.95 $38.95 $40.95 $42.95 $44.95

Extra Light




Extra Heavy Super Heavy

Safety Toner

CLX THERA-BANDS ® Consecutive loops in bands allow for multiple exercise options. Use loops as anchors or as handles. Bands are latex free. 5' Individual CLX Bands #1217-02 Light CLX $15.95 #1217-03 Medium CLX $16.95 #1217-04 Heavy CLX $17.95 #1217-05 Extra Heavy CLX $19.95

PB EXTREME FLAT BANDS Special rubber formula helps bands last longer than other flat bands on the market. Use for strength training, stretching, and rehabilitation. Versatile bands allow you to get a full- body workout practically anywhere. Fold bands for extra tension or tie in a knot to make a looped band. Individually wrapped bands are 6'L and 6"W. Boxes include 30 individually wrapped bands. #1237-01 Light 6'L x 6"W $4.50 #1237-02 Medium 6'L x 6"W $5.00 #1237-03 Heavy 6'L x 6"W $5.50 #1237-04 Extra Heavy 6'L x 6"W $6.00 #1237-01-BOX Light $109.95 / Box of 30 #1237-02-BOX Medium $119.95 / Box of 30 #1237-03-BOX Heavy $129.95 / Box of 30 #1237-04-BOX Extra Heavy $144.95 / Box of 30

TUBING & JUMP ROPE RACKS Neatly stores bands and ropes for easy access. Wall Mounted Rack bolts to wall studs and measures 36"L x 7"H. Mounting hardware is not

#1203-01 Wall Mounted Rack $ 69.95 #1203-02 PB Extreme Tubing Rack with Wheels $349.95 included. PB Extreme Tubing Rack is a free-standing rack with wheels that has eight storage pegs to hold all kinds of resistance tubing and bands. Measures 23.5"L x 21"W x 71.5"H.

25-Yard Box CLX Bands #1218-02 Light CLX

$ 99.95 $119.95 $139.95 $154.95

#1218-03 #1218-04 #1218-05

Medium CLX Heavy CLX

Extra Heavy CLX



NEW! FIRST PLACE CONNEX CORDS Anchor cords for effective band training anywhere!

Connex Cords are 32” long and have a carabiner which allows for cords to be set up anywhere. Safety sleeve protects bands from wear and tear and provides safety for the user. Each set comes with 2 bands, so you can use each arm independently. Perfect to use for shoulder rehab and upper body strengthening. Door Attachments are designed to fit doors between 28” and 44” in width and transform your doors into a workout station. Wall Anchors can be mounted to a wall to create a multifunction station. Each anchor is rated to over 500 lbs. #1243-01 Extra Light $39.95/pr. #1243-02 Light $39.95/pr. #1243-03 Medium $39.95/pr. #1243-04 Heavy $39.95/pr. #1243-05 Extra Heavy $39.95/pr. #1243-06 Super Heavy $39.95/pr. #1243-25 Door Attachments (Set of 2) $24.95 #1243-26 Wall Mount Anchors (Set of 4) $29.95

THERA-BAND ® Created by clinicians for clinicians.

The original, the innovator and the creator of the category. Clinicians have chosen Thera Band as one of their top quality products for over 40 years.

6-Yard Box (5" W) #1214-02

50-Yard Box (5"W) #1215-02

Tubing 100'L Coil #1216-03

$15.95 $16.95 $17.95 $18.95 $22.95 $44.95

$ 89.95 $ 99.95 $109.95 $129.95 $139.95 $229.95

$69.95 $74.95 $84.95 $99.95




#1214-03 #1214-04 #1214-05 #1214-06 #1214-08

#1215-03 #1215-04 #1215-05 #1215-06 #1215-08

#1216-04 #1216-05 #1216-06






Extra Heavy Special Heavy

Extra Heavy Special Heavy Maximum Heavy

Extra Heavy Special Heavy Maximum Heavy


Door Mini H1

Bands Easily Attach to T-Bar Hooks

HAMMER HEAD ANCHOR GYM Easily anchor your resistance bands and straps.

Mount units in any configuration. Solid steel anchor hooks are made of steel and capable of supporting up to 300 lbs. of load. Each hook has a T-bar and curved shape for bands to be pulled from multiple angles safely. Includes mounting hardware. H2 Anchor Gym is a single unit with 2 hooks while the H1 Anchor Gym is a single hook. Door Mini H1 clamps over a door, finger tighten and you’re ready to go! # 1202-01 H2 Anchor Gym 11.5"L x 2.5"W $59.95 # 1202-03 H1 Anchor Gym 5.75"L x 2.5"W $39.95 # 1202-04 Door Mini H1 5.75"L x 2.5"W $32.95



VIPR PRO A unique way to combine load with your full body movement. Flared ends increase stability and allow for a better grip when dragging or lifting. Textured surface gives athletes a better hold during dynamic movements. Rounded handles add comfort and are now stronger, more durable, and larger. Larger weight numbers and new colored end bands make distinguishing weights easier. Virtually indestructible and incredibly functional.

Scan to see this in action

#1467-04 #1467-06 #1467-08 #1467-10 #1467-12 #1467-16 #1467-20 #1467-32

$210.00 $230.00 $265.00 $315.00 $365.00 $385.00 $490.00 $755.00

4kg 42"L x 6"W 6kg 42"L x 6"W 8kg 42"L x 6"W 10kg 47"L x 8"W 12kg 47"L x 8"W 16kg 47"L x 8"W 20kg 47"L x 11"W 32kg 47"L x 11"W

SAVE 15%

buy 5 or more

Great for multi-planar exercises

SANDBELLS Combines the best features of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and sandbag training into one simple tool. Patented design challenges grip strength and gives it an unpredictable shape. Shifting sand provides active live weight. Extremely durable! Made of a tough, stretchy neoprene. Each sandbell now comes filled, so there is no need to add your own weight. #1415-04 4 lb. SandBell $18.95 #1415-06 6 lb. SandBell $21.95 #1415-08 8 lb. SandBell $26.95 #1415-10 10 lb. SandBell $32.95 #1415-12 12 lb. SandBell $36.95

Soft Neoprene Exterior with Shifting Sand

SAVE 15%

#1415-15 15 lb. SandBell $ 44.95 #1415-20 20 lb. SandBell $ 59.95 #1415-30 30 lb. SandBell $ 84.95 #1415-40 40 lb. SandBell $109.95 #1415-50 50 lb. SandBell $129.95

buy 3 or more



Sandbag Rack Holds Up to 5 Bags

ULTIMATE SANDBAG Offers the benefits of unstable training with a challenging load.

Made of heavy-duty PVC vinyl. Closure system in outer shell has both zippers and Velcro ® to ensure filler bags are secure. Filler bags provide an easy way to adjust the weight of the sandbag. 7 handle options are great for mixing up grips. Water Filler Bags fit perfectly into your Ultimate Sandbag Shells and allow you to quickly and conveniently change the weight and stability of your sandbag. Filler bags only. Shells not included. Sandbag Rack is a sturdy steel rack designed to store your sandbags in a neat and organized manner. Rack has 5 shelves that can hold any size sandbag. #1411-05 / Core - 5–20 lbs. 19" x 7" Shell & (1) 5–20 lb. filler bag $ 89.95 #1411-10 / Power - 10–40 lbs. 19" x 9" Shell & (2) 5–20 lb. filler bags $119.95 #1411-20 / Strength - 20–80 lbs. 27" x 10" Shell & (2) 20–40 lb. filler bags $154.95 #1411-80 / Burly - 80–160 lbs. 27" x 13" Shell & (3) 20–40 lb. filler bags $194.95 #1411-20-W 20 lb. Water Filler Bag (1) 5–20 lb. Water Filler Bag $ 28.95 #1411-40-W 40 lb. Water Filler Bag (1) 20–40 lb. Water Filler Bag $ 34.95 #1411-25 Sandbag Rack (23"L x 27"D x 56.5"H) $349.95

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sandbags are soft and great to use anywhere. Each sandbag comes filled and ready to use. Use for strength training, dynamic movements, and any bodyweight activity. Weights can be thrown and slammed! #1417-10 10 lb. Roll $32.95 #1417-15 15 lb. Roll $39.95 #1417-20 20 lb. Roll $49.95 #1417-30 30 lb. Roll $59.95 #1417-40 40 lb. Roll $69.95

ECONOMY ULTIMATE SANDBAG Versatile sandbag at an affordable price. 4 handles with nylon outer shell allow you to change up grips for each exercise. Zipper closure with a Velcro seal helps keep your sandbag closed during workouts. Filler bags can hold up to 20 lbs. in each. Includes (1) 19" long shell and (2) filler bags. Sand not included.

#1412-01 Economy Ultimate Sandbag $84.95



PB EXTREME ® WEIGHT VEST Adjustable vests are great for adding additional load to your exercises. Neoprene-coated steel weights are 1/2 lb. each and easy to take in and out of the vests to change weight. 10 lb. vests can hold up to 20 lbs. of weight. 20 lb. vests can hold up to 40 lbs. of weight. Vests are machine washable, making them easy to clean. Velcro ® closure keeps the vest snug and tight. One size fits all.



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#1418-10 #1418-20 #1418-25

10 lb. PB Extreme Weight Vest (Short) $119.95 20 lb. PB Extreme Weight Vest (Long) $184.95

buy 3 or more

$ 54.95

(20) 1/2 lb. Additional Weights

Flexible Rubber Weights for Comfort and Safety

UNI-VEST Tight and secure fit keeps vest from shifting when running and jumping. Flex-metal ™ flexible rubber weights are 1/2 lb. each and contour to the body to provide comfort and safety. One size fits all. Short vest comes with 18 adjustable 1/2 lb. weights and holds up to 20 lbs. Long vest comes with 38 adjustable 1/2 lb. weights and holds up to 40 lbs. #1422-10 10 lb. Adjustable Uni-Vest (Short) $174.95 #1422-20 20 lb. Adjustable Uni-Vest (Long) $279.95 #1422-25 (10) 1/2 lb. Additional Weights $ 44.95




BFR TRAINING SYSTEM Safest, most effective, science-backed blood flow restriction training.

Transform training into a true and proper strength building session. B Strong's BFR Training System increases the effectiveness of lighter-load exercise, making it more challenging and leading to large gains in lean muscle mass and strength which are difficult to achieve with light weights. The bands are worn around the upper portion of the arms and legs to safely restrict blood flow in the limbs while you do any kind of exercise. You're able to achieve a full-body workout in less time while reducing the risk of injury from heavy weights. B Strong can augment the use of suspension trainers and elastic bands, or be done with only your body. BFR Individual package includes 4 BFR Bands (2 Arm, 2 Leg), 1 Hand Pump, 1 Carrying Case, and 1 license for the B Strong App. BFR Trainer Pack includes 8 total bands, 2 Hand Pumps, 1 Carrying Case, 1 tape Measure and 1 license for the app. #1482-01 B Strong Individual Training System $449.95 #1483-08 B Strong Trainer Pack $924.95

FITFIGHTER STEELHOSES Allows for infinite ways to train and move.

A simple, yet highly versatile training tool for increased balance, greater resilience, and a stronger core. Lift, swing, drag, drop, and throw. The design increases instability and rotational inertia in each repetition, helping to build core strength, reduce joint strain, and develop grip strength. Made in the USA from real firehose and recycled steel. Brass grommets on the ends allow you to attach these to cable machines. Durable and easy to transport. The 40 lb. Steelhose comes with built-in handles.

WEIGHT VEST RACKS Keep your weight vests dry and organized.

Vest Rack with Wheels can hold up to 9 weight vests of any size and has casters for easy movement. Bottom storage shelf can hold additional weights. Measures 49"L x 22"W x 40"H. Wall-Mounted Vest Rack can store 2 weight vests off the floor and mounts easily to any wall.

# 1477-05 5 lb. Steelhose (20" x 2") $ 37.95 # 1477-10 10 lb. Steelhose (22" x 3") $ 47.95 # 1477-15 15 lb. Steelhose (30" x 3") $ 74.95

# 1477-25 25 lb. Steelhose (38" x 4") $ 94.95 # 1477-30 30 lb. Steelhose (38" x 4") $104.95 # 1477-40 40 lb. Steelhose (38" x 5") $144.95

#1421-01 #1421-02

$519.95 $ 84.95

Vest Rack with Wheels Wall-Mounted Vest Rack

ELITE HYPER VEST Durable, adjustable, and form-fitting weighted vest. Innovative design features a unique fabric control system that hugs the body for an extremely comfort- able fit without restricting range of motion. Comes

with 10 lbs. of weight. Small vests are adjustable to 15 lbs. while the medium, large, and extra large vests can adjust to 20 lbs. Steel weights are ¼" thick and weigh 2.25 oz. each. Booster Packs allow you to add an additional 5 lbs. of weight to your Hyper Vests.

84 LB. CAMO VEST Our heaviest vest available!

10 LB. SPEED-VEST Form-fitting design for athletic use.

Vest holds 14 weights in the front and back to distribute the weight evenly. Velcro ® flaps make it simple to take the weights in and out. Includes 2 waist extension straps to fit your largest athletes. Metal weights are approximately 3 lbs. each.

Thinner and tighter than regular Uni-Vest, making it ideal for running, jumping, and intense training. Porous, breathable shell allows air to flow through the vest, keeping you cool. Can be used in water. One size fits all.

#1469-00 #1469-25

$229.95 $ 42.95

Elite Hyper Vest (S, M, L, XL)

5 lb. Booster Pack

#1419-01 84 lb. Camo Weight Vest




10 lb. Speed-Vest



AB DOLLY PLUS Strengthen abs, back, shoulders, hips, and legs while working in multiple planes of motion. Unique design allows you to stretch and strengthen abdominal muscles while simultaneously training your upper and lower body. Use with forearms, hands, and even feet to create a variety of functional exercises. Kneeling pad and instructional DVD included.

GLUTE BRIDGE ROLLER Slides easily on every surface.

Unique foot holder keeps feet stable when using. Use heels to do glute bridges and curls or put toes in to do knee tucks, pike-ups, and more. Raised handles allow for upper body rollouts and core work. Center foot plate can be used for standing lunges and ab/ad work. Measures 23"L x 15"W.





Ab Dolly Plus

Glute Bridge Roller

POWER WHEEL™ Two core trainers in one! Connect to your feet to perform pikeups, inch worms, leg curls, etc. Grasp wheel with your hands to do rollouts from a kneeling or pushup position.

EXERCISE WHEEL Strengthens the arms, shoulders, abs, and back. Sturdy wheel for smooth, non-slip action. Textured, rubber handles make for a comfortable grip.



Power Wheel



Exercise Wheel



ULTRASLIDE ® SLIDEBOARD The slideboard the pros use!



10' UltraSlide ® is adjustable from 7'–10' in 1' increments. Solid high-pressure laminate base with Baltic Birch plywood core and slick polymer surface. Solid base does not buckle or move around (5/8" thick, 24" wide surface, and weighs 60 lbs.). 2¼" high premium hardwood bumpers. Folds in half for storage and transport. All slideboards come with booties. 8' Economy Slideboard has a thinner slide surface and molded plastic bumpers. Board adjusts from 5'–8' in 1' increments. Slideboard Polish is specifically designed to increase the slickness of your slideboard. #1430-10 10' UltraSlide ® Slideboard $599.95 #1430-08 8' Economy Slideboard $349.95 #1430-25 Extra Booties (one size fits all) $ 22.95/pr. #1430-26 Slideboard Polish (16 oz.) $ 12.95

8' Economy Board

Custom Logo Available at Additional Price

SAVE 15%

VALSLIDE Use for upper and lower body exercises. Plastic disc with foam padding that slides on carpet and turf. Great for lunges, ab/ adduction exercises, chest flies, and more. Lightweight and portable (9.5"L x 5.5"W). Carry bag and instructions included. ValSlide Booties allow you to use your ValSlides on hardwood and tile floors.

buy 3 or more

MINI-SLIDE TRAINING BOARD 5' training board is perfect for total body exercises and drills that require limited movement. Includes 5' x 2' x 1/8" slideboard with non-skid rubber underneath. Not a roll-up! Popular rigid-style board lies flat on any floor. Includes one pair of booties. End ramps not included.

#1426-01 #1426-02 #1426-25

$29.95 $29.95

ValSlide ValSlide


ValSlide Booties



5' Training Board

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Attach Bands to T-Bar Hooks

Add Bars to Extend Your Setup

ANCHOR GYM PULL-UP BAR All the great features of a pull-up bar with patented T-Bar hooks.

WALL CHINNING BARS Rugged chinning bar is great for schools and gyms.

T-Bar hooks allow you to attach bands and suspension trainers to your bar. Made of 11-gauge steel square tubing with a 1.25" diameter solid steel bar. Includes two brackets, one bar, and mounting hardware. Measures 48" long and comes off the wall 24". Extension Kit includes one additional bracket and another 4' bar. This allows you the option of adding onto your Anchor Gym setup over time.

Perfect for doing pull-ups, attaching suspension trainers, or storing stability balls. 50" long bar has a 1¹⁄ ¹ 6 " grip diameter. Center of the bar measures 22" away from the wall. Mounting hardware not included. Multi-Station Pull-Up Bar is a 10' long bar that provides a 3-position station for multiple users at once. #1478-01 Wall Chinning Bar $309.95 #1425-02 Multi-Station Pull-Up Bar $539.95

#1424-01 #1424-02

$299.95 $179.95

Anchor Gym Pull-Up Bar

Anchor Gym Pull-Up Bar Extension Kit

PB EXTREME MULTI-GRIP PULL-UP BAR Designed to give you unlimited grip options for your pull-ups. Use for wide, narrow, or neutral grip pull-up variations. Knurled bars make gripping the bars easier and help keep hands secure. Bars measure 30mm thick. Center of the bar measures 22" off the wall and is 50" wide. Mounting hardware not included.

TRX MULTIMOUNT Create a designated space that is perfect for small group training. Each one includes a monkey bar attachment and has a 750 lb. max weight capacity. Available in 7', 14', and 21' configurations.



TRX MultiMount



Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar





Door Anchor

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TRX SUSPENSION TRAINERS Secure it to any sturdy attachment point and you‘re ready to train.

Kevlar equalizer loop prevents any sawing through the nylon straps. Adjusts from 6' to 9' in length to accommodate users of all sizes and abilities. Industrial-grade nylon webbing can hold up to 1,000 lbs. TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer has adjustable foot cradles, larger padded triangles for increased comfort, and antimicrobial handles. Locking carabiner allows clubs to keep their suspension trainers locked so they can‘t be taken. Sweat System includes a TRX Suspension Trainer with foam grips, a door anchor, and PDF workouts that you can download anytime. Pro Suspension Training Kit includes a TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer, door anchor, extender, and a Trainer Basics video download. Door Anchor allows you to use your TRX on a secure door. Extenders add an extra 3' in length to your Suspension Trainer. X-Mount attaches easily to walls, vertical studs, and beams and includes hardware.

#1401-01 #1401-04 #1401-03 #1401-25 #1401-26 #1401-27

$239.95 $219.95 $279.95 $ 24.95 $ 19.95 $ 39.95

TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer

Sweat System

Pro Suspension Training Kit

Door Anchor

Extender X-Mount

TRX RIP TRAINER Develop rotational power, strength, and core stability.

Enables dynamic and explosive rotational movements. Uses the variable asymmetri- cal loading of the resistance cord to constantly challenge your balance. Highly porta- ble! Attaches in seconds to any secure anchor point. Includes a carry bag, medium re- sistance cord, and a door anchor.

#1405-01 Rip Trainer

$ 229.95 $ 24.95 $ 29.95

#1405-02 Light Resistance Cord #1405-03 Medium Resistance Cord

#1405-04 Heavy Resistance Cord $ 34.95 #1405-05 Extra Heavy Resistance Cord $ 39.95



JUNGLE GYM XT A versatile, portable, adjustable device for bodyweight exercises.

Simply attach to any pull-up bar, squat rack, or beam. Use for pushups, dips, rows, core work, and more! Two straps can be used independently to allow for wide-angle use or use the Duro-link attachment and connect them into a single unit. Easy-in foot cradles are quick and easy to get in and out of. Rubber grip handles are long lasting and easier to clean than foam handles. Custom carbon-fiber cam buckles are smooth edged and lay in-line with the straps to greatly improve comfort on your forearms. Integrated synch loops and non-scuff door anchors allow these to be attached almost anywhere! Each strap is 8' long.



Jungle Gym XT

FIRST PLACE ® TRAINING RINGS A unique alternative in bodyweight training.

Attach the rings to a rack or secure object. Ring-shaped handles provide superior comfort and allow for more of a free-motion training element. Straps are 15' long and have 14 marking points for easy adjustment cues. Includes two plastic rings with rubber grips and two straps with buckles for quick and easy mounting. Wood Training Rings have a slightly larger diameter than First Place Training Rings and are unpainted, allowing chalk to stick better when applied.

DELUXE AB STRAPS Develop and strengthen your abs from an upright position. Perform hanging knee raises safely and comfortably, while developing your core. Made of heavy-duty nylon and steel grommets for extra durability. Forged-steel carabiners lock right onto pull-up bars. 1½" high-density padding supports and cushions arms during use.

#1407-01 #1407-02

$79.95/pr. $99.95/pr.

First Place Rings (7" diameter) Wood Rings (7.6" diameter)



Deluxe Ab Straps



LEBERT EQUALIZERS A simple, portable, and versatile piece of equipment for a full-body workout. Work your arms, chest, back, core, and more! Each bar is 28½" high, 25" wide, weighs 8 lbs., and can support up to 400 lbs. Set includes two Equalizer bars and instructional exercise video. Equalizer XL is 32" high, making it ideal for people 6'1" tall and over. Extra height allows for a deeper stretch and fuller extension when performing certain exercises. NEW! Equalizer XXL is our tallest and widest version, making it perfect for calisthenics and advanced exercises. It is 33" high and 27" wide.

SAVE 15%

buy 3 or more

#1409-01 #1441-01 #1481-01

$ 99.95/pr. $129.95/pr. $134.95/pr.


Equalizer XL Equalizer XXL




PARALLETTES & PUSH-UP BARS Great tools to help develop strength using only body weight. Strong enough to support heavy loads. Bars will not slide under pressure. Parallettes are great for V-Sits, L-Sits, wall stands, and handstand pushups. Push-Up Bars help alleviate stress on your wrists and hands. #1478-01 Parallettes (24"L x 14"W x 12"H) $74.95/pr. #1442-01 Push-Up Bars (16.4"L x 10"W x 6"H) $49.95/pr.

RMT CLUBS Internal shifting weights create dynamic resistance and feedback.

INDIAN CLUBS Strengthen muscles and ligaments in the wrist, elbow, and shoulder girdle. Enhance speed with symmetrical and asymmetrical movements while training posture, upper-body mobility, and core stability. Durable, precision- molded clubs allow balanced arcs of motion and smooth transitional swings. Clubs help maintain joint flexibility and improve range of motion. Each set includes a free online introduction link to Indian Club swinging.

Shifting weights help engage the entire body. Fixed, reinforced handles can withstand high intensity swings in every direction. Durable and flexible club heads have the ability to absorb impact. Each club measures approximately 21" x 6".

#1447-02 #1447-04 #1447-06 #1447-08

$104.95 $109.95 $114.95 $119.95

2 lb. RMT Club 4 lb. RMT Club 6 lb. RMT Club 8 lb. RMT Club



Indian Clubs – 1 lb. Pair



PB EXTREME ® ROWER Quality rower at a great price.

Control your output and resistance at all times. Easily adjust the airflow with 10 different settings to change the feel of the pull. Ergonomic seat glides smoothly across the steel track. Large display is easy to read and shows time, stroke rate, distance, calories, and watts. User-friendly console tracks heart rate when connected to a heart rate monitor. Seat height is 14". Measures 94"L x 25"W x 40"H.

Monitor is Bluetooth compatible

#2014-01 PB Extreme Rower


CONCEPT2 ROWER & SKIERG Flywheel resistance responds to your effort on every pull. Airflow can be easily adjusted to change the feel of the pull to suit your needs. Monitor displays distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts for each workout. Standard Rower has a stainless steel track to ensure a smooth, sliding seat. Measures 95"L x 24"W. Tall Rower has a 20" high frame, making it easy to get on and off. Nickel-plated chain is fully enclosed, requiring less maintenance over time. SkiErg with PM5 has ergonomic handles which provide a comfortable grip and won’t absorb water. Measures 19" wide at the bottom, 20.5" wide at the top, 16" deep and 83.5" high. SkiErg Floor Stand accessory can make your SkiErg free standing. Each stand has an anti-slip deck and casters.

#2004-MD Standard Rower

14" seat height CALL FOR PRICE 20" seat height CALL FOR PRICE

#2004-ME Tall Rower

#2009-01 SkiErg with PM5 #2009-25 SkiErg Floor Stand




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