2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog


BFR TRAINING SYSTEM Safest, most effective, science-backed blood flow restriction training.

Transform training into a true and proper strength building session. B Strong's BFR Training System increases the effectiveness of lighter-load exercise, making it more challenging and leading to large gains in lean muscle mass and strength which are difficult to achieve with light weights. The bands are worn around the upper portion of the arms and legs to safely restrict blood flow in the limbs while you do any kind of exercise. You're able to achieve a full-body workout in less time while reducing the risk of injury from heavy weights. B Strong can augment the use of suspension trainers and elastic bands, or be done with only your body. BFR Individual package includes 4 BFR Bands (2 Arm, 2 Leg), 1 Hand Pump, 1 Carrying Case, and 1 license for the B Strong App. BFR Trainer Pack includes 8 total bands, 2 Hand Pumps, 1 Carrying Case, 1 tape Measure and 1 license for the app. #1482-01 B Strong Individual Training System $449.95 #1483-08 B Strong Trainer Pack $924.95

FITFIGHTER STEELHOSES Allows for infinite ways to train and move.

A simple, yet highly versatile training tool for increased balance, greater resilience, and a stronger core. Lift, swing, drag, drop, and throw. The design increases instability and rotational inertia in each repetition, helping to build core strength, reduce joint strain, and develop grip strength. Made in the USA from real firehose and recycled steel. Brass grommets on the ends allow you to attach these to cable machines. Durable and easy to transport. The 40 lb. Steelhose comes with built-in handles.

WEIGHT VEST RACKS Keep your weight vests dry and organized.

Vest Rack with Wheels can hold up to 9 weight vests of any size and has casters for easy movement. Bottom storage shelf can hold additional weights. Measures 49"L x 22"W x 40"H. Wall-Mounted Vest Rack can store 2 weight vests off the floor and mounts easily to any wall.

# 1477-05 5 lb. Steelhose (20" x 2") $ 37.95 # 1477-10 10 lb. Steelhose (22" x 3") $ 47.95 # 1477-15 15 lb. Steelhose (30" x 3") $ 74.95

# 1477-25 25 lb. Steelhose (38" x 4") $ 94.95 # 1477-30 30 lb. Steelhose (38" x 4") $104.95 # 1477-40 40 lb. Steelhose (38" x 5") $144.95

#1421-01 #1421-02

$519.95 $ 84.95

Vest Rack with Wheels Wall-Mounted Vest Rack

ELITE HYPER VEST Durable, adjustable, and form-fitting weighted vest. Innovative design features a unique fabric control system that hugs the body for an extremely comfort- able fit without restricting range of motion. Comes

with 10 lbs. of weight. Small vests are adjustable to 15 lbs. while the medium, large, and extra large vests can adjust to 20 lbs. Steel weights are ¼" thick and weigh 2.25 oz. each. Booster Packs allow you to add an additional 5 lbs. of weight to your Hyper Vests.

84 LB. CAMO VEST Our heaviest vest available!

10 LB. SPEED-VEST Form-fitting design for athletic use.

Vest holds 14 weights in the front and back to distribute the weight evenly. Velcro ® flaps make it simple to take the weights in and out. Includes 2 waist extension straps to fit your largest athletes. Metal weights are approximately 3 lbs. each.

Thinner and tighter than regular Uni-Vest, making it ideal for running, jumping, and intense training. Porous, breathable shell allows air to flow through the vest, keeping you cool. Can be used in water. One size fits all.

#1469-00 #1469-25

$229.95 $ 42.95

Elite Hyper Vest (S, M, L, XL)

5 lb. Booster Pack

#1419-01 84 lb. Camo Weight Vest




10 lb. Speed-Vest



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