2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

Plate Dock Strap

Sliding Wall Mount

ANCORE PRO Commercial-level cable training at a fraction of the cost and space.

A cable system designed for use on nearly any squat rack, pole, beam or fixture. Roller guidance system increases cable longevity and makes for a smooth cable training experience. Redesigned resistance plates ensure maximal durability and lifespan when adjusting resistance. Machined- metal face enables these to withstand any high-performance environment. Ranges in resistance from 5 lbs. to 55 lbs. and has a cable length of 8 feet. Includes (1) ANCORE Pro Base Unit, (1) Strap Mount, (4) 10-lb. resistance plates, (2) 5-lb. resistance plates and a handle attachment. Measures 12”L 4.75”W x 3”H. ANCORE Pro Plus provides you with an additional 10 lbs. of resistance, giving you a 65 lb. resistance level. Plate Dock Strap is compatible with fixtures that have a circumference between 10”–14” and stores your resistance plates just by clocking them into the dock. Sliding Wall Mount is a 6 foot track to attach your ANCORE to without sacrificing space. # 4183-01 ANCORE Pro $649.00 # 4183-02 ANCORE Pro Plus $739.00 # 4183-26 Plate Dock Strap $ 99.00 # 4183-28 Sliding Wall Mount $249.00

PIT SHARK BELT SQUAT Increase strength and power, and add tremendous flexibility to your weight training program. De-loads the spine while maximizing full range of motion. Great for belt squats, jump squats, single leg squats, good mornings, reverse lunges, and more. Squat deep, add weight, and even incorporate band resistance. Available in a white or black frame. Includes a belt with speed hook, squat handles, power deck, weight storage, band pegs, and a stainless steel plate logo. #4070-01 / Short Frame Premium Package (60"H x 67"W x 66"D) $4295.00

NEW! FLUID POWER PRESS A unique, semi-isokinetic squat to overhead press machine. Explode with high loads at high speeds,

PB EXTREME LAT/LOWROW A versatile solution for providing great back workouts. Switch from a lat pulldown to a low row exercise without having to disconnect handles. Adjustable foot plate and thigh pads ensure proper positioning for every athlete. Space-saving design combines 2 great machines into 1 smaller footprint. 250-lb. weight stack goes up in 10 lb. increments. Includes a revolving pulldown bar and seated row attachment. #4160-01 Lat/Low Row (97"H x 40"W) $2995.00

without having to deal with eccentric loading. 10 levels of adjustable fluid resistance by their patented Twin Tank system. Tapered shoulder pads, ergonomic hand rails and counter balanced press arm allows for comfortable and secure training positions. Console shows time, resistance level, watts, work durations, rest intervals distance, reps and more! #4190-01 Fluid Power Press(57”L x 33”W) $2895.00



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