2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

Professional Y-Balance Kit

Y-BALANCE TEST KIT A quick and easy way to assess a person’s risk for injury.

Use for measuring pre- and post-rehabilitation performance, improvement after performance-enhancement programs, and return-to-sport readiness. Tests can show if your clients and athletes demonstrate functional symmetry. Professional Y-Balance Test Kit is a high-end, bamboo wood kit that can be taken apart for easy storage. Urethane coating with laser engravings makes this kit extremely durable. Travel bag is included. #3802-01 Y-Balance Test Kit $269.95 #3802-02 Professional Y-Balance Test Kit $389.95

NEW! OUTPUT SPORTS V2 SENSOR A one-stop-tool which empowers coaches and practitioners to optimize their athlete's performance.

MOVEFACTORX MODULE Provides instant barbell tracking and velocity-based training performance feedback. Sensor provides you with information showing power, force, speed, and bar distance. Simply attach module to an Olympic Bar for instant feedback on your lifts. Information is sent directly to your mobile device via Bluetooth Smart (iOS required). Runs on a coin cell battery, eliminating the hassle of rechargeable batteries. Power indicator lets you know if the module is synched up and ready to go. #3836-01 MoveFactorX Module $349.00

With one matchbook-sized sensor and the V2 Capture app, you can quantify and track over 180 performance tests for strength, power, speed, velocity-based training, plyometrics and movement. Time-saving and accurate athletic development & return-to-play data. The Hub has real-time leaderboards and live-modes, includes a workout builder and report exporting options. Includes sensor, bar, foot, quad, wrist and torso straps, charging cable, case and 1-year subscription to the Hub.



Output V2



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