2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog


Perform Nordic hamstring curls without taking up a lot of floor space. Compact design has a floor plate that mounts into your floor. Once installed, just slide your feet in and start working! Mount in front of a cable column to perform assisted or resisted exercises. Can also be used for single leg squats. Adjustable foot plate can raise and lower easily, to accommodate all users. Each unit comes with an assist strap, which can be connected on cable column arms and around the athlete, to help keep form and assist with the exercise. Includes mounting hardware. # 1479-01 Floor-Mounted Nordic Hamstring $299.95

NEW! PORTABLE NORDIC HAMSTRING A compact and portable alternative to your everyday glute ham machine.

Now you can do glute ham exercises without taking up a lot of space. Small footprint with steel frame makes this sturdy and able to be used anywhere in your facility. Handle and wheels allow these to be moved around easily. 6” foam pad provides comfort when in use and adjustable footplate can accommodate all users. Measures 60”L x 24.5”W x 15.3”H.

# 4184-01 Portable Nordic Hamstring


PB EXTREME ® GLUTE HAM Hydraulic lift allows for quick and easy rear height adjustments. 12 linear adjustments on center guide rail can accommodate any user. Front pads rotate 360 degrees to perform both glute ham raises and reverse hypers. Walk-through design makes getting on and off the unit simple. Band attachment pegs allow you to add resistance to your exercises. Rear handles allow for easy positioning when doing reverse hypers. Measures 75"L x 37"W x 49"H. #4008-01 PB Extreme Glute Ham $1595.00

HEEL LIFT WEDGES Helps people with mobility and stability problems. Wedges provide stability and help ensure proper weight shift when squatting. Aids anyone

FIRST PLACE ® PORTABLE FOAM GLUTE HAM Low profile, inexpensive glute ham. 100% foam core maximizes comfort during all hamstring, low back, and glute exercises. Measures 29"L x 23"W x 18"H. #4065-01 Portable Foam Glute Ham

who may have dorsiflexion restriction in the ankle. Steel lifts will not slide or break down under heavy load. #4145-01 1" Heel Lift

32"L x 6"W $69.95 #4145-02 1.5" Heel Lift 32"L x 6"W $79.95




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