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PB EXTREME ® SINGLE-LEG SQUAT STAND Perform single-leg exercises comfortably.

Perfect for working your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and low back. Use for all single-leg work. No more searching for a bench! Sturdy design now has a one piece tubular steel base with a heavy-duty vinyl encased foam covering. Adjustable Single-Leg Squat Stand can be adjusted from 9"–21" in 3" increments. #4146-01 Single-Leg Squat Stand (32"L x 22"W x 18"H) $209.95 #4068-02 Adjustable Single-Leg Squat Stand (35"L x 22.5"W) $299.95

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DC BLOCKS Stackable blocks were made for improving lifting technique. Interlocking design allows blocks to be stacked to achieve different height increments to meet all lifters’ needs. Use the blocks to help develop more power during your lifts or to help improve lifting mechanics. Machine molded, recycled plastic blocks will not chip, crack, break, or rust. Each block weighs 10.5 lbs. Made in the USA! Double-Wide Blocks provide a larger platform to perform pulls or to configure as portable jerk boxes. They are excellent for pulling from a power position in both the snatch and clean. #4064-19 DC Blocks (19"L x 15.5"W x 2"H) $ 84.95/pr. #4064-31 DC Blocks Double-Wide (31"L x 19"W x 2"H) $159.95/pr.

FIRST PLACE ® JERKSTANDS Easily adjust pull height for all your barbell lifts.

Great for improving lifting technique throughout different heights of your lift. Boxes are stackable and made from high quality wood. Stoppers prevent weights from rolling off the stands. Each stand has a rubber top to help protect both the boxes and weights. Each jerk stand measures 36" L x 20" W. #4103-03 3" Jerk Stands $219.95/pr, #4103-06 6" Jerk Stands $249.95/pr, #4103-12 12" Jerk Stands $289.95/pr. #4103-99 Jerk Stand Set (Pair of 3", 6", 12") $599.95/set



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