2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

FIRST PLACE ® EXTREME CORE TRAINER Just add your Olympic bar and weights for a challenging, functional core workout. Multi-directional swivel lets you do rotational exercises and presses from a standing position. Challenges all muscles of the torso. Portable! Use in the gym, at home, or outside. Add your weight plates for greater resistance. Includes E.C.T. handles that allow for various grip positions. E.C.T. II has a double barrel, allowing for 2 bars to be used at once for more training options! E.C.T. Sleeve is a portable version of our popular Extreme Core Trainer. Just put the end of the sleeve into an Olympic plate and begin training. The T-Handle option can be added to your Olympic bar to make rows and pulls easier. The Single Handle option allows you to get a better grip while using just one arm for rows, pulls, and presses. #4063-01 Extreme Core Trainer $269.95 #4063-02 E.C.T. II $349.95 #4063-03 E.C.T. Sleeve $ 79.95 #4063-25 T-Handle $ 52.95 #4063-26 Single Handle $ 36.95

E.C.T. Handle Included


E.C.T. Sleeve




Single Handle

LEVERBELLâ„¢ A unique tool that allows loading of traditional exercises in multiple planes. Combines the utility of a kettlebell with progressive, leverage-based resistance. Provides challenging loads and instability with a reduced overall load on the system. Progress or regress any exercise just by changing your hand position. Weighted steel bell allows you to focus on stabilizer muscles and stimulates the core. Easily adaptable to all exercise progressions.

OPTI-BAR A unique attachment for your Extreme Core Trainer.

Opti-Bar slides directly on the end of an Olympic Bar and allows you to perform numerous exercises like squats, deadlifts, rows, and clean and press move- ments. Rotating handles allow for easier movements when changing positions. Weight horns allow you to add plates for greater resistance. Each Opti-Bar weighs 45 lbs. and measures 64" L x 38" W. #4148-01 Opti-Bar $269.95

#4138-07 #4138-10 #4138-15 #4138-20 #4138-25

$ 49.95 $ 59.95 $ 79.95 $ 99.95 $119.95

7 lb. LeverBell 10 lb. LeverBell 15 lb. LeverBell 20 lb. LeverBell 25 lb. LeverBell



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