2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

FIRST PLACE ® 4' X 6' MATS Great protection for weight room floors and for putting under weight equipment. Water-jet cut mats allow for perfectly straight edges. Corners will not bow in. Mats line up perfectly together to provide a seamless look. Tough, long-lasting mats are easy to clean with soap and water. All mats are ½" thick.



4' x 6' Rubber Mat



FIRST PLACE ® INSTANT PLYOROBIC FLOORING All-purpose surface! The perfect combination of polyurethane and rubber for ultimate softness and durability. Use for weight rooms, exercise areas, training rooms, locker rooms, or runways. Roll out to have a great surface for running, bounding, and jumping. Cut to fit your dimensions. Easy to install, no need to glue. Order the length you need (minimum 20'). Available in 32", 36", 42", and 48" widths.

#7256-10 #7256-12

$3.50 sq/ft. $3.75 sq/ft.

10mm Flooring 12mm Flooring



3' × 3' INTERLOCKING RUBBER MATS Interlocking design prevents separating and creates a seamless look. Easy installation—no adhesives required! Made tough to withstand punishment from free weights, dumbbells, or spikes. Deadens the sound of dropped weights, absorbs impact, and reduces damage to equipment and floor. Standard colors are Black, 10% Blue, 10% Gray, and 10% Tan. Custom colors and greater percentages of color are also available.

3/8" THICKNESS #2607-01 3' x 3' Corner $39.95 #2607-02 3' x 3' Border $39.95 #2607-03 3' x 3' Center $39.95

1/2" THICKNESS #2608-01 3' x 3' Corner $54.95 #2608-02 3' x 3' Border $54.95 #2608-03 3' x 3' Center $54.95



2' x 2' ULTRATILES™ Add a professional look to your weight room. Perfect for using when inserting platforms to maximize

floor space. Tiles are extremely durable and can withstand dropped weights. Low maintenance! Easy to install and keep clean. Made in the USA with recycled content from multiple sources. 16 different standard color combinations available. Available in custom colors and logos.



1" Thick UltraTiles





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