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ADJUSTABLE SLANT BOARDS One-piece adjustable lower leg stretching boards.

Non-slip grips on the boards help prevent feet from sliding off during stretches. Folds up for easy transport and storage. Professional Slant Board is made of a strong wood, has 5 angle adjustments (15º, 20º, 27º, 32º, 35º), and measures 16"L x 18"W. Economy Slant Board is made of steel and adjusts to 3 different angles (19º, 29º, 37º). Measures 14" x 14".

#2234-01 #2234-02

$149.95 $84.95

Professional Slant Board Economy Slant Board

NEW! THRIVAL FULL BODY MUSCLE RECOVERY A fully adjustable, self-myofascial release tool. A self-myofascial release tool that mimics the varied angles, depths, and shapes of a therapist’s hands. The base provides a stable platform for four different attachment heads, in pairs. By using the different attachment heads, the user can contact, with varying pressure, both broad areas and specific myofascial structures, and use static compression or active range of motion during treatment. The attachments may be moved to any of the width settings to allow for customized therapeutic release on any size user. Includes Therapeutic Release Board, Travel Board, and ballhead, meat grinder, bullseye and back stretcher attachments.



Thrival Muscle Recovery

TRUESTRETCH STRETCH STATION A self-contained stretching area that allows clients and athletes a safe platform to increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. Allows for upright functional stretching in all three planes of motion. Functional four-point contact (two hands, two feet) in weight-bearing upright position facilitates correct stretching of the human body. Restores muscle and joint flexibility for improved function. 5'D x 4'W x 7'3"H. Includes easy-to- understand placard showing 30 stretches on non-movable pages. Pro TrueStretch is a larger version of the TrueStretch Stretch Station. Great for taller athletes. Measures 5'D x 4'W x 7'9"H. #2237-01 TrueStretch Stretch Station $3299.00 #2237-02 Pro TrueStretch Stretch Station $3499.00

PORTABLE MASSAGE TABLE Perfect for any facility, school, or team to use for stretching, massage, taping, or recovery.

Has a 2½" thick high-density urethane foam top that is 73" long and 30" wide. All-hardwood construction with cable reinforced hardwood bracing for added

support. Height is adjustable from 23" to 33". Includes a face cradle with outlets at both ends. Weighs 33 lbs. and can hold up to 400 lbs. #2243-01 Portable Massage Table $639.95



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