2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

STRETCH OUT STRAP Perform PNF stretching without a partner. 72" long with 10 loops for grabbing or foot placement. Exercise poster included. XL Stretch Out Strap is 90" long and is helpful for people over 6' tall.

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Stretch Out Strap XL Stretch Out Strap

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NEW! AIM WEDGES Firm, EVA foam wedges are used to change the surface that your foot is articulating on. Use wedges to create a new and different situation for your feet to move on so that they are able to experience their own natural articulations out of the shoes that you wear. Wedges will help examine the movements at the ankle and the foot to eliminate pain and improve performance. Improper alignment in the foot can influence the body and, vice versa, improper alignment in the body will impact how you put your foot on the ground. AiM wedges can help improve body alignment and foot/ankle movements, to help eliminate pain. #2300-01 AiM Wedges (Set of 3) $14.95

SMART STICK Increases the effectiveness of most exercise movements.

PROSTRETCH™ Great for your athletes to use during their warm-up or cool-down. Simple way to stretch lower-leg musculature. Increas- es ankle, shin, and calf flexibility. Portable—take it with you. Instructions contain a variety of stretches. ProStretch Plus has adjustable heel guards and toe lifts to help increase or decrease your stretch. #2236-01 Single ProStretch $24.95 #2236-02 ProStretch Plus $34.95

Unweighted stick helps with flexibility and balance exercises. Use for warm-ups and cool-downs to help increase range of motion. Sticks can help align the body while gaining deeper stretches. Weighted Smart Sticks weigh 5 lbs. and can help with obtaining a deeper range of motion. Smart Stick Quiver can be mounted to a wall to hold up to six sticks, keeping them organized and out of the way when not in use.

#2229-01 Smart Stick

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(5' long)

#2229-02 5 lb. Weighted Smart Stick (5' long)


#2229-25 Smart Stick Quiver


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