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BROWER TCI TIMING SYSTEM Wireless timing system with 1/1000 second accuracy. Times any distance, shuttle run, or agility drill. Keeps up to 1,000 unique athlete ID numbers with 1,000 athlete memory. Use additional sensors to break down up to 20 splits. Improved user interface with better channel separation when using multiple systems in the same area. Includes 1 set of infrared sensors with tripods, motion start with keypad, hand monitor, 9V battery, carry bag, and manual. Smartphone Interface Option includes the TCi Timing System as well as the Smartphone upgrade. iOS- and Android-compatible, this feature allows you to start the timer, sort results, upload the results to your Smartphone in real time, and email all files and data immediately. #3810-01 TCi System $1358.00 #3810-25 Extra Set of Sensors with Tripods $ 539.00 #3810-27 TCi System with Smartphone Interface $1765.00


Smartphone Interface Upgrade Available

DASHR TIMING SYSTEM A wireless, electronic timing system.

System is controlled by a free iOS- and Android-compatible app. Simple set up allows you to set up the timing gates, open the app, and start timing. Perform timed sprints, flying starts, pro agility and shuttle runs, timed laps, and more! Dashr Kit includes 2 timing gates with tripods, 2 mini tripods, 2 lasers, and 2 reflectors, allowing for one time to be recorded. Multi-Event Kit includes 3 timing gates, 4 tripods, 2 mini tripods, 3 lasers, and 3 reflectors, allowing for two times to be recorded. Elite Kit includes 4 timing gates with 6 tripods, 2 mini tripods, 4 lasers, and 4 reflectors, allowing for three times to be recorded. #3826-01 Dashr Kit $ 690.00 #3826-02 Multi-Event Kit $ 990.00 #3826-03 Elite Kit $1300.00 #3827-01 Extra Set of Lasers with Gates $ 350.00



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