2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

BLAZEPODS Train reaction time, enhance coordination, and boost speed.

Download the app and control the pods with your phone using Bluetooth technology. Choose from preset programs or personalize them to fit your training needs. Track your progress with the BlazePod app and measure your performance down to the millisecond. Up to 40 meter device-to-pod range with auto-connection. Durable and weatherproof for both indoors and outdoors. Compatible with both iOS and Android. Includes 6 pods, 6 adaptors, 6 suction cups, 6 webbing straps, a charger and a carry bag. App memberships are available for additional programs.




NEW! FREELAP PRO COACH BLE An easy to use, fully automated, wireless timing system. A fully automated timing system designed for numerous sports. It can be used to time fly-in sprints, splits, block starts, tempo runs, recovery times, laps, dashes, agility patterns and more! Sets up in less than a minute. Simply turn transmitters on, place them down and being training. Unlike photocell timing systems, Freelap can time multiple athletes simultaneously. The timing data is transmitted using Bluetooth to an Android or iOS device. Includes Relay Coach BLE with Tripod, (1) FxChip, (1) Tx Touch Pro Transmitter, (2) Tx Junior Pro Transmitters and a carry

# 3816-01


Freelap Pro Coach BLE

PB EXTREME ® INTERVAL TIMERS Easy to use and highly visible.

Time of day can be displayed when clock is not in use. Timers count down, count up, and have a stopwatch function. Tabata timer consists of 8 rounds, with a 20-second workout time followed by a 10-second rest time. Pre-programmed fight mode consists of 3 rounds, with a 5-minute workout period followed by 1 minute rest. Custom intervals can be programmed with 10 shortcut keys for memory programs. Includes timer with internal horn, AC Adapter, and remote. #3813-04 4-Digit Timer with 6" Digits (23"L x 8"H) $259.95 #3813-06 6-Digit Timer with 6" Digits (34.5"L x 8"H) $459.95 #3813-08 6-Digit Timer with 9" Digits (44"L x 12"H) $859.95






ACCUSPLIT 601X Large, easy-to- read display. Single event/cumulative



BROWER BLACK BOX SYSTEM A smartphone timing system with proven reliabil- ity, range, and precision at an entry level price. Radio range up to 600 feet. Brower TCi photogates can be added for split times. Smartphone is used to receive and display finish times. Both iOS- and Android-compatible. Includes the Black Box Finish Gate with 2 tripods, motion start, and black box app. #3832-01 Brower Black Box System $798.00

FIRST PLACE ® M-F 100 STOPWATCH Great Stopwatch at a great price.

splits. 1-2 fast finish buttons. Water resistant. Available in black, blue, red, yellow, and green. #7419-00 Accusplit 601X $23.00


Multi-function stopwatch with a 100 memory recall. 3 display split/lap/cum. Has a countdown timer, metronome, and 10-hour timing range. Recalls fastest, slowest, and average lap times. #7415-01 M-F 100 $47.00




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