2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

BULLET BELT™ Resistance trainer with a unique release mechanism.

RESISTANCE TRAINER™ Partner-resisted speed training device.

Waist belt attaches to breakaway strap that has hook-and-loop closure on both sides. Coach holds strap with one hand for resistance and uses other hand to release runner. Use “POP” feature to improve explosive starts and jumps. Athlete’s first movement releases strap immediately. Use “RIP” feature to overload the run. Trainer applies resistance to the athlete until he or she wants breakaway to occur, then pulls on release cable and runner becomes free. Includes a Bullet Belt carry bag.

Choose padded shoulder harness or 3"W waist belt. Both adjust for a snug fit. Develops speed, quickness, acceleration, and explosive power. Partner holds the runner back and controls resistance level. Includes shoulder harness or waist belt, 10'L nylon strap connected to 10"W handle, and snap hook connector. #3622-01 Resistance Trainer with Shoulder Harness $53.95 #3622-02 Resistance Trainer with Waist Belt $43.95

#3621-01 Bullet Belt

$ 44.95

– “POP” feature only

#3621-02 Bullet Belt Deluxe

$ 79.95

SAVE 20%

– “POP” & “RIP” features

#3621-03 Bullet Belt Deluxe Partner Pack (has extra belt to shorten wait time)


buy 3 or more

Waist Belt Option Available

FIRST PLACE ® FOAM AGILITY BAGS Set up in any configuration for the perfect speed drills. Versatile agility bags are great for teaching knee lifts and lateral speed drills. Hurdles have a strong vinyl covering and a handle at the end for easy transporting. Use indoors or outdoors on any surface. 6"H bags are 8"W, 36"L, and have a 4"W top. 12"H bags are 14"W, 36"L, and have a 6"W top.

#3631-06 6" Bags #3631-12 12" Bags

$174.95/set of 3 $329.95/set of 3

FIRST PLACE ® SPEED PAD A low-impact, energy-absorbing mat.

High-density foam mat is soft enough to provide resistance for running and jumping. Sprint, bound, hop, and jump for increased intensity. Great for conditioning drills when you have limited space. Mat measures 4'L x 3'W x 12"H.

6"H Bags can be Secured on Top of the 12"H Bags for Added Height

#3649-01 Speed Pad




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