2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

Double-Locking Belt

GAMESPEED 360 A resistance trainer that allows for 360º of freedom to cut, spin, juke, and shake. Allows you to perform resisted and assisted exercises with full range of motion. The resistance cord attaches to the athlete’s belt, providing a complete 360º rotation with continuous resistance application. Includes four different sizes of athlete waist belts, adjustable coach’s belt, and an 8'L safety sleeve resistance cord. #3620-01 GameSpeed 360 $134.95

THE CAT™ Popular for resisted and assisted lateral drills, lunges, walks, runs, hops, and more.

Used by coaches and trainers to improve lateral speed, agility, and first-step quickness. 4"W padded neoprene belt allows cords to swivel in a 180-degree arc so the athlete/client can change direction while receiving consistent resistance/ assistance. 8'L cord stretches up to 24'L. Comes with two 8'L safety sleeve elastic tubes, padded swivel waist belt, two tie-off loops, four connectors, and instructions. #3619-01 The Cat $109.95 #3619-25 The Cat - Belt Only $ 54.95 #3619-26 Extra 8'L Safety Sleeve Tubing $ 49.95 ea. buy 3 or more SAVE 15%

SAVE 15%

buy 3 or more

DOUBLEMAN OVERSPEED TRAINER Safe and effective way to improve speed.

Increases stride length and stride frequency—both are vital to speed development. Select medium if under 140 lbs. or heavy if over 140 lbs. Attach one end of 20'L safety sleeve elastic tube to a secure object or partner’s waist belt (provided). Attach other end to harness or waist belt (your choice). Tubing will tow you forward, allowing you to run comfortably at top speed. To double length, purchase extra safety sleeve elastic tube. #3616-M Overspeed Trainer with Shoulder Harness - Medium $138.95 #3616-H Overspeed Trainer with Shoulder Harness - Heavy $138.95 #3617-M Overspeed Trainer with Waist Belt - Medium $133.95 #3617-H Overspeed Trainer with Waist Belt - Heavy $133.95 #3618-M Extra Safety Sleeve Tube, 20'L - Medium $104.95 #3618-H Extra Safety Sleeve Tube, 20'L - Heavy $104.95



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