2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

FIRST PLACE ® ECONOMY BARS Quality barbells at a great price.

FIRST PLACE ® ECONOMY 20KG OLYMPIC BAR Chrome-coated bar with brass bushings in each sleeve. 28mm thick bar has a 1200 lb. max weight capacity. Dual knurl marks with no center knurl makes it great for Olympic lifting. #4118-01 7'2" Economy 20kg Olympic Bar $199.95 FIRST PLACE ® ECONOMY 1500 LB. TEST BAR Solid steel bar is ideal for pressing exercises and deadlifts. 32mm thick bar has brass bushings in the sleeves. Knurled bar has no center knurling. #4119-01 7'2" Economy 1500 lb. Test Bar $279.95 FIRST PLACE ® ECONOMY 20 LB. TRAINING BAR Lightweight bar is great when working with beginners. Single knurl marks for Olympic lifting. 25mm thick bars are made of a hard chrome steel. #4178-01 5' Economy 20 lb. Training Bar $119.95

Economy 20 kg Olympic Bar

Economy 1500 lb Test Bar

Economy 20 lb. Training Bar

SAFETY SQUAT BAR Specifically designed for heavy squats. Padding allows for more comfort on the neck and shoulders. 1½" thick solid steel knurled bar has a 1000 lb. capacity. 7 ' long and weighs 57 lbs. #4032-01 Safety Squat Bar $309.95

SWISS BAR Perfect for bench pressing, overhead presses, and rows. Multiple angles of grips allow for different grip options. Measures 7' long and weighs 57 lbs. #4039-01 Swiss Bar $299.95

FIRST PLACE ® SINGLE LEG SQUAT BAR Design allows the weight load to be carried in the natural center of gravity. 32mm raised handles are knurled for a better grip. Open bar design accommodates users of all sizes. Inside

OLYMPIC CURL BAR International style EZ curl bar. 47" long, 17 lbs. with a 30mm diameter grip. #4034-01 Olympic Curl Bar $ 89.95

TSUNAMI BARS Bars oscillate making

dimensions are 24" wide and 15" deep. #4037-01 Single Leg Squat Bar (50 lbs.)


stabilizing muscles much more active. Develop maximal impulse forces while using submaximal loads. Lowering the bar and raising it with speed increases the force velocity relationship more than a steel bar can. All bars include collars. Level 1 Speed Bar can be loaded up to 35 lbs. on each end and is designed to allow the user to move fast! Level 3 Force Bar is the most popular bar and has a weight range of 45 to 135 lbs. on each end. Level 5 Max Bar is loadable to 540 lbs. and used for max effort work. #4074-11 Level 1 - Speed (13 lbs.) 90" $549.00 #4074-13 Level 3 - Force (15 lbs.) 90" $599.00 #4074-15 Level 5 - Max (17 lbs.) 90" $699.00


5' LIGHTWEIGHT OLYMPIC BAR Black oxide finish with chrome split-sleeves keep the bar from becoming loose. 5' long, 30 lbs. with a 30mm diameter grip. #4033-01 5' Lightweight Olympic Bar (30 lbs.) $159.95

Hard chrome finish is more durable and decreases the liability associated with chipping, cracking, or peeling. Needle bearings ensure smooth, consistent rotation. 28mm diameter grip. #4031-01 7'2" Mens Needle Bearing Bar (20kg) $419.95



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