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FIRST PLACE ® BANANA STEPS Versatile, all purpose mini hurdles! Hop, step, jump, or bound over them. Set up a course to teach obstacle avoidance and to improve athleticism, agility, strength, and power. Change heights for speed or strength work and lateral movement drills. Portable, lightweight, and inexpensive (6" and 12" weigh less than a pound, 18" and 24" weigh less than 3 lbs.). Banana Step Storage Rack is a perfect solution for storing your Banana Steps and keeping them off the floor. Mounting hardware not included. #3414-06 Banana Step 6" High (18"W x 9"D) $12.95 ea. #3414-12 Banana Step 12" High (18"W x 11"D) $13.95 ea. #3414-18 Banana Step 18" High (24"W x 14"D) $19.95 ea. #3414-24 Banana Step 24" High (24"W x 19"D) $22.95 ea. #3414-26 Banana Step Storage Rack (17¼"L x 10½"D) $29.95

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SHUTTLE MVP PRO Low impact plyometric training! Horizontal movement reduces stress on the spine, knees, and legs. Increase your lower extremity power to improve sprinting, jumping, and acceleration. Bands adjust resistance up to 500 lbs. Use for horizontal leg presses, calf raises, and single and double leg plyometric drills. Oversize, proprioceptive color kick plate provides safe landing area for jumping drills. Heavy-duty, 11-gauge steel construction. 109"L x 24"W x 40"H, weighs 200 lbs.



Develop Explosive Power with Minimal Impact



Shuttle MVP Pro



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