2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

VERTEC Most popular device for testing vertical jump height. Easy to use! Simply measure standing reach of subject with one arm fully extended upward. Have subject jump and touch highest possible vane. Then measure the difference between standing reach and jumping height. Measures vertical jump height and tests athlete’s explosive power. Use to train good jumping techniques and to improve endurance with repeat jumps. Measures in English. Vanes are spaced ½" apart and rotate when touched for easy measurement. #3808-01 Vertec $995.00 #3808-02 Wall-Mounted Vertec $995.00


SKINFOLD CALIPERS Accurately measure body fat percentage.


Lange Skinfold Calipers are the most popular calipers. Durnin/Womersley Formula measuring points for both men and women include: Bicep, Tricep, Subscapula, and Iliac Crest. Scale goes up to 60mm with 1mm accuracy. Includes a manual and carrying case. Two-year warranty. Baseline Skinfold Calipers are quality at an affordable price. Durnin/Womersley Formula measuring points. Measures in millimeters (0–70mm). Includes a manual with tables and carrying case. #3804-01 Lange Skinfold Calipers $349.95 #3804-02 Baseline Skinfold Calipers $199.95




MYZONE BELT An easy-to-use, group heart rate tracking system. The most accurate wearable device available that can track exactly how hard you are working View real-time


MZ Switch

feedback during your workout that can show heart rate, calories burned, zone color, effort, and MEPs earned. Straps connect to other heart-rate compat- ible equipment for maximum versatility. Wirelessly uploads activity both in and out of the club directly to a trainer, coach, or owner account. NEW! MyZone Switch is an interchangeable exercise tracker that allows you to wear your heart rate monitor on your chest, arm, or wrist, even when swimming. Light indicator and built-in memory allow you to see your zone without a phone. #3822-25 MZ-3 Belts $99.00 #3822-27 MyZone Switch $159.00

Provides an instant digital readout. Factory calibrated to ensure accuracy. Measures height to 78" (195 cm) and weight to 400 lbs. (180 kg). 6V rechargeable battery included. Optional 120V AC adapter available. FIRST PLACE MECHANICAL SCALE Weight and height both read in metric and English. Heavy-duty, anti-slip platform with eye-level beams. Measures to a max height of 78" and a max weight of 440 lbs. Built-in wheels allow the scale to be moved easily. #3803-02 Physician Digital Scale $849.95 #3803-03 Mechanical Scale $269.95

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