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STICK MOBILITY A progressive approach to movement and mobility.

LACROSSE BALL Firm rubber ball is great to use for myofascial release. Target tightness in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments and release by rolling over those areas. Perfect to use on your chest, shoulders, upper back, glutes, hamstrings, and feet. Lightweight and portable. Lacrosse Ball XL is better for bigger athletes due to its larger size.

Specially designed sticks help increase strength, mobility, muscle activation, and movement. Sticks help achieve ranges of motion you would not normally be able to reach while applying tension in those positions. Shorter sticks are great for core exercises while the longer sticks allow for more deep stretching. Made of extruded materials for both strength and flexibility in the sticks.

#2251-04 #2251-05 #2251-06 #2251-07

$64.95 $74.95 $89.95 $99.95

4' Stick 5' Stick 6' Stick 7' Stick

SAVE 15%

SAVE 15%

#2230-01 #2230-02 #2230-03

(2½" diameter) $4.95 (2½" diameter) $4.95

Lacrosse Ball Lacrosse Ball

buy 3 or more

buy 3 or more

Lacrosse Ball XL (3½" diameter) $7.95

POSTURE BALL Small size of ball helps release muscle tension in hard-to-reach places. Made of closed-cell EVA foam material. Great for myofascial release and maintaining body posture. Durable, lightweight balls retain their shape after

FIRM MASSAGE BALL Perfect for targeted massage to specific body regions. Small size helps release tension in hard-to-reach places. Use to relieve trigger points and alleviate pain. Odorless, durable, and water resistant. Balls are lightweight and will keep their shape during and after use. #2231-03 3" Firm Massage Ball $22.95 #2231-05 5" Firm Massage Ball $26.95

exercise. #2232-06 #2232-08

$29.95 $34.95

6" Posture Ball 8" Posture Ball



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