2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog


PRO WAIST BELT CINCH STRAP 4½" wide nylon with thick neoprene padding equipped with steel D-ring to accommodate up to 44" waist. #3610-01 Waist Belt $48.95

PRO ANKLE CINCH STRAP 4½" wide nylon with thick neoprene padded strap equipped with large D-ring connector. #3611-01 Ankle Strap $32.95

CAT BELT 4" padded neoprene belt has a double locking closure system for extra durability. Includes 2 D-Rings on the belt, allowing for 180 degree swivel of bands and cords. Great to use for change-of-direction drills and lateral resistance training. #3619-25 Cat Belt $54.95

TURFCORDZ SAFETY CORD TUBING #3612-08-L 8' Light $ 48.95 #3612-08-M 8' Medium $ 52.95 #3612-08-H 8' Heavy $ 54.95 #3612-20-L 20' Light $ 99.95 #3612-20-M 20' Medium $104.95 #3612-20-H 20' Heavy $109.95

PRO PADDED HARNESS 2"-wide nylon with thick neoprene padding

PRO THIGH CINCH STRAP Made of 4½" wide nylon with thick neoprene padding and large D-ring connector. #3613-01 Thigh Strap $34.95

and large D-ring connector. #3615-01 Padded Harness


THE TRAINER™ Fixed, steady resistance for forward, backward, and lateral running. You can adjust resistance from 0–600 units.

Safe; resistance ends when athlete stops. Improves acceleration and explosiveness. Portable and easy to use—slip on padded waist belt, hook to cord, and attach Trainer to a secure object. Set resistance level and begin training. Includes Trainer, two belts, 40-yard cord, carrying case, and instruction manual. #3609-01 The Trainer $349.00 #3609-25 Breakaway Belt (for overspeed training) $ 75.00

Easily Adjust the Resistance Level






SAVE 15%


CONES Inexpensive, long-lasting field markers.

buy 3 or more

Cone flattens with pressure and returns immediately to original shape. Weight- ed polyvinyl base prevents tipping and sliding. Saucer Cones are bright and easy to see on any surface. Saucer Cone Carrier will hold up to 200 saucer cones. Colored Cones are all 12"H and are available in five different colors —red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. #3623-4.5 4½"H Cone $ 4.95 ea. #3623-06 6"H Cone $ 5.95 ea. #3623-12 12"H Cone $ 8.95 ea. #3623-18 18"H Cone $12.95 ea. #3624-7.5 7½"H Saucer Cones $19.95/set of 12 #3624-12 12"H Saucer Cones $29.95/set of 12 #3624-25 Saucer Cone Carrier $ 4.95 ea. #3625-00 12"H Colored Cone $ 9.95 ea. buy 6 or more SAVE 15%

SPEED CHUTE The only running chute with adjustable resistance. All sizes have a sliding button for fast, easy adjustment. Unique design opens chute as you begin to run. Use the Quick-Release Strap during acceleration phase for a sudden burst of speed. Flies higher and steadier than other chutes.

#3606-S Small (0 –10 lbs. resistance) #3606-M Medium (0 –14 lbs. resistance) #3606-L Large (0 –24 lbs. resistance) #3606-XL X-Large (0 –30 lbs. resistance)

$ 89.95

$ 94.95





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