2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

PB EXTREME ® TRITON SLED Heavy-duty sled will help build upper and lower body strength.

Polished chrome coating gives this sled a high profile look. Multiple bars allow for both high and low pushing options. Made of a heavy-duty, 11-gauge chrome steel. Front loop allows for pulling or dragging the sled. Measures 30"L x 32"W x 39"H.




Triton Sled


FIRST PLACE ® SLED DAWG ELITE Added push handles allow for powerful hip and leg drive.

Flat-bottom rails allow for more consistent resistance. Multi-point harness attachment allows for even load during pulling; rear handles are great for pushing. Heavy-duty 11-gauge steel and welded construction create a strong frame. Includes sled (38"L x 24"W x 12"H), shoulder harness, and drag strap.




Sled Dawg Elite


FIRST PLACE ® SLED DAWG™ Resisted running improves start and acceleration.

For resisted sprinting, use light loads. Use heavier weight for overload strength training. Add your weight plates to achieve desired resistance. No need for a partner. Slides smoothly on all surfaces. Includes sled (22" x 38" x 12"; 20 lbs.), harness, and 10' nylon drag strap. Quick-Release Harness option allows you to release the sled while sprinting. Includes the vest and quick-release harness only (drag strap is not included). #3602-01 Sled Dawg I (For 1" Standard Weight Plates) $199.00 #3602-02 Sled Dawg II (For 2" Olympic Weight Plates) $199.00 #3602-25 Quick-Release Harness Option $ 69.00

ECONOMY FLAT-BOTTOM SLED Great for speed training and conditioning.

Just add Olympic plates and start training! Flat bottom makes it ideal for using on a track, turf, or grass. Ridges on the top of the sled allow for an easier grip when taking plates off. Includes sled, harness, and drag strap. Measures 23.5"L x 18.5"W x 12.5"H. #3603-01 Flat-Bottom Sled $149.95



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