2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

FIRST PLACE ® DRIVE SLED II Designed to allow for pushing and pulling exercises. Vertical push handles can be taken out and placed on the other side of the sled for a quick change of direction. Flat-bottom, solid steel feet allow for smooth pushing/pulling on multiple surfaces. Multi-point attachments allow for even load during pulling exercises. Constructed of heavy-duty 11-gauge welded steel for maximum stability and durability. Includes Sled, one pair of Vertical Push Handles, Shoulder Harness, and Drag Strap. Measures 44"L x 30"W x 38"H. Extra Vertical Push Handles allow you to change direction while pushing without removing any parts. Dual Low Push Handle Attachment has 2 different pushing heights (16" & 21") which allows you to change up your grip and focus on staying low. Shoulder Push Attachment has 2 shoulder pads that allow you to be more explosive and drive through the sled while pushing. #3601-01 Drive Sled II $349.95 #3601-25 Extra Vertical Push Handles $54.95/pr. #3601-26 Dual Low Push Handle Attachment $ 74.95 #3601-27 Shoulder Push Attachment $154.95

Shoulder Push Attachment

Low Push Dual Handle Attachment



USB SLED KIT A sled that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Sled base can hold your sandbags, kettlebells, and weight plates to add resistance to your workout. Great for using indoors on turf, rubber, and carpet while still being able to be used outdoors on grass and tracks. Quickly strap in your weight and start using. Versatile and portable! Rolls up so you can take it anywhere. Sandbags and external weights sold separately. Sled Kit includes (1) sled base, (2) towing straps with attachable handles, and (1) cinch belt.

#3638-01 USB Sled Kit




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