2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

PB EXTREME ® SPECTRUM RACK The perfect solution for your functional training space. Modular design allows you to build on demand to meet both your training and storage needs. Each rack includes a pull-up bar with 2 eye hooks on the end for suspension trainers or resistance bands. Each shelf measures 44" long and can mount at multiple heights. Choose the storage components that you prefer for each rack section. Components include a dumbbell tray, kettlebell tray, and a medicine ball tray. Additional bays can be added to extend the length of your rack. Single-Sided Add-On Bay allows you to extend your Spectrum Rack, increasing your storage and number of bays. Double-Sided Spectrum Rack allows for training and storage on both sides of the rack and also includes a pull-up bar on each side. #4154-01 Spectrum Rack CALL FOR PRICE #4154-02 Double-Sided Spectrum Rack CALL FOR PRICE #4154-25 Single-Sided Add-On Bay CALL FOR PRICE


Single-Sided Spectrum Rack


Trays Are Lined to Keep Equipment from Scratching the Rack

Extra Large Hooks for Hanging Suspension Trainers or Heavy Bags

Medicine Ball Trays Hold All Size Medicine Balls

TRX BRIDGE Modular solutions that meet an array of functional training and storage needs. Customizable storage options allow you to choose what configuration works best for your facility. Bridges can be made at 14', 21', or 28' long. Both standard (7') and extended (10') height versions are available. Add-on options include wall bars, standard shelf for free weights or rollers, stability ball shelf, mat holder, dip station, deluxe pull-up bar, and storage drawer. Connect additional bays or bridges for unlimited training possibilities. #4152-00 TRX Bridge CALL FOR PRICE

PB EXTREME ® FREE STANDING PLATFORMS Four-piece tube frame is constructed from 2" x 3" steel tube, making it more resistant to dents than a channel steel frame. Handmade tongue-and-groove oak footing area. 3/4" thick rubber mats are water jet cut for a precision fit and manufactured to withstand heavy loads. Frames are now available in any of the standard frame colors. Ramps (offered in black only) are included with each platform. Made in the USA! #4007-06 8' x 6' Hardwood Platform $3795.00 #4007-08 8' x 8' Hardwood Platform $4195.00

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