2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

Multi-Adjustable Arms

Dual Independent Weights Stacks



Counterbalanced Arms for Easy Positioning

FREEMOTION DUAL CABLE CROSS & CABLE COLUMN Train the entire body in every plane of motion.

Swivel-pulley design ensures fluid cable travel and provides nearly unlimited range of motion. Independently rotating arms have 12 vertical and 9 horizontal settings to accommodate just about any movement pattern. Handles can move independently for virtually unlimited exercises. Extensive cable travel (97") allows for full flexion or extension exercises to be performed. Dual independent weight stacks allow two people to work out simultaneously. Each weight stack has 80 lbs. of resistance. Available in black, white, or platinum frames. Cable Column adjusts from 14" to 84" with 96" of cable travel and has a 50 lb. weight stack. Each cable column comes with two long handles, one short handle, and an ankle cuff and has heavy-duty wheels for easy movement. #4022-01 FreeMotion Dual Cable Cross (70"L x 122"W x 95"H) CALL FOR PRICE #4022-02 FreeMotion Cable Column (35"L x 43"W x 91"H) CALL FOR PRICE

Pulley Design Ensures Fluid Cable Travel

NEW! SPIRIT ST800FT FUNCTIONAL TRAINER Ultimate exercise variety in one machine. The versatility of the ST800FT is what sets it apart from other equipment. The standard weight stacks of 160 lbs. is adjustable in 10 lb. increments and the frame is adjustable with 31 positions. The included attachments, pull-up bars with climbing grips, and pulley positions provide an almost endless array of possible exercises all from one machine. The wide base, and easily adjustable cable ends also rotate 180°. Each cable column includes a long bar, short bar, 2 pulley handles, tricep rope and ankle cuff.

#4189-01 ST800FT Functional Trainer (81.5"L x 48"W x 90.6"H)




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