2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

Custom Colors and Logos Available



FIRST PLACE ® TURF All-purpose surface allows for year-round indoor training. Thatched turf with 1/2" blades has a foam backing included for added softness. Turf surface requires no rubber infill and no additional padding under it. Rolls are 15’ wide and come in custom lengths. Lines, hash marks, numbers, and custom logos are available. Velcro ® locking system available along the seams for an additional charge. Track Turf is a 15’ wide roll of First Place Turf with custom color lanes and dividing lines. This makes adding running lanes to your facility simple. First Place Turf Glue is the most effective way to bond your turf to concrete, cement, or wood. Keeps your turf from shifting over time. Each bucket covers approximately 300 sq./ft. of turf. Turf Cleaner disinfects your turf and is effective against E. coli, salmonella, MRSA, and H1N1, along with other harmful bacteria. #2624-15 First Place Turf CALL FOR PRICE #2613-01 First Place Track Turf CALL FOR PRICE #2606-25 First Place Turf Glue (4 Gallons) $124.95 #2606-26 Turf Cleaner (4 Gallons) $144.95

Custom Color Track Lanes



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