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THERA-BAND ® PRO SERIES SCP™ STABILITY BALLS Quality ball at an affordable price. The Slow Deflate Advantage™ gives superior comfort without excessive softness. Stability balls are to be used for body weight exercises only. Each ball includes two plugs, an inflation adapter, and a measuring tape to help ensure proper inflation. Thera-Band® Exercise Ball Guide Poster detailing 24 exercises is included. Blaster Hand Pumps are handheld dual-action pumps perfect for inflating 1–3 stability balls or adding air to already inflated stability balls. Sport Pumps are fast dual-action pumps that can be used to quickly inflate multiple stability balls.

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#1008-45 #1008-55 #1008-65 #1008-75 #1008-01 #1008-02

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(18") (22") (26") (30")

45cm PRO Series SCP Stability Ball 55cm PRO Series SCP Stability Ball 65cm PRO Series SCP Stability Ball 75cm PRO Series SCP Stability Ball

Blaster Hand Pump

Sport Pump

Hand Pump

Sport Pump


Read Instruction Sheet, including safety precautions and inflation instructions, prior to use. The ball can burst, and serious injury may result if the ball is overinflated, becomes cut or otherwise damaged, or is used while lifting weights. Examine the ball carefully for blemishes or cuts before each use.

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65 cm

45 cm

55 cm

75 cm


PROFESSIONAL SB WALL RACK Space-saving! Keeps balls off the floor while adding a professional appearance. Mounting hardware and assembly instructions included. Heavy-duty steel construction with powder-coated finish. Holds up to four stability balls.

THE LOOP Easy-to-mount, single stability ball rack. Mount them close together or have a ball handy anywhere in the gym. Sturdy steel construction holds up to 15 lbs. in hollow walls, even without finding a stud.

Sturdy construction keeps your facility organized. PVC Rack is made in the USA of furniture-grade PVC plastic. Holds 8 stability balls of any size.

Professional SB Wall Rack



(96"L x 20"W)

#1011-01 #1011-02

$39.95 $39.95

The Loop The Loop

#1009-08 8-Ball PVC Rack (54"L x 18"W x 88"H) $279.95

WOBBLE & ROCKER BOARDS Long-lasting professional balance boards.

16" Wobble Board (tilt angles 15°, 17°, 20°) 20" Wobble Board (tilt angles 10°, 12°, 15°)



Use the Rocker Board for basic balance work, then progress to the adjustable Wobble Boards for intermediate to advanced exercises. Improves balance, coordination, and proprioceptive awareness for athletic performance and injury prevention. Adjust the sphere under the Wobble Boards to increase or decrease difficulty. Made with extra-strong birch wood that holds up to 500 lbs. Grip tape strips prevent slipping. Exercise instructions included.



20" Rocker Board (max. tilt angle 16°)



Rocker and Wobble Board Stand (holds any 3) Rocker and Wobble Board Package (1 of each plus stand)







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