2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

Improve Core Stabilization


Integrated, Multi- Joint Movements

Studio Pack

BOSU ® BALANCE TRAINERS Versatile training device improves balance, core stability, and proprioception.


With bubble side up, sit, stand, lie, kneel, or jump. With platform side up, do pushups or planks. BOSU Pro has a commercial-grade bladder and an extra-strong platform. Includes downloadable training manual, pump, and one- year warranty. BOSU Elite has a firmer dome and reinforced base. Rugged, high density dome provides greater force production and high intensity loading. Tactile, non-slip honeycomb grip spring-loads feet. Includes pump, online access to video library, and two-year warranty. BOSU Sport is a smaller version of the balance trainer. Compact design allows for easy transportation. Includes a pump and 90-day warranty. Studio Rack stores up to 6 fully inflated BOSUs. Rack includes band storage pegs on the back. BOSU Studio Pack is great for smaller studios and gyms. Includes 6 BOSU Pro Balance Trainers and the BOSU Studio Rack.

#1001-Pro #1001-Elite #1001-Sport

$ 194.95 $ 219.95 $ 144.95 $ 379.95 $1349.95

(26") (26") (20")

BOSU Pro BOSU Elite BOSU Sport

#1001-26 #1001-99

Studio Rack

(21.5"W x 36.5"D x 73"H)

BOSU Studio Pack


POLY BALANCE BEAM A great balance training device for users of all ages and abilities. Improves balance and spatial awareness. Low height gives a sense of security while helping with foot placement. Flat, flexible, molded polyvinyl material is firm yet soft. Folds in half for easy, convenient storage. Measures 8'L x 4"W x 1.5"H.

Gives Proprioceptive Feedback

PB DISC PILLOW Strengthens the muscles that stabilize your ankles, knees, core, and shoulders. Use to develop balance and joint stabilization. Stand, kneel, sit, or do pushups on this soft, unstable disc. Versatile, air-filled discs can be placed on a chair to improve body alignment while sitting.

#1012-01 Poly Balance Beam $119.95

#1003-01 PB Disc Pillow (14") $29.95



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