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ROLLGA FOAM ROLLERS Unique shape penetrates muscle tissues while avoiding bone structure. Patented design helps release trigger points in ways that traditional rollers can’t. Designed for connective tissue therapy as well as spinal alignment. Helps speed up recovery and eliminate unnecessary stiffness. Rollga Dynasty is a moderate-to- firm density roller while the Pro is extra-firm.

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Rollga Dynasty (18" x 6") $34.99

(18" x 6") $44.99

Rollga Pro

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Foam Roller Rack with Wheels makes transporting your rollers easy. Steel construction can hold up to fifteen 3' rollers. Strong base and large handle allow for storage of mats, bands, and other equipment. Measures 41"L x 22"W x 43"H. #2211-03 Foam Roller Rack with Wheels $279.95 FIRST PLACE ® FOAM ROLLER RACKS

6-Tier Roller Wall Rack easily snaps together. Rack can hold six rollers to keep floor space available. Holds rollers that are 18" long, or longer. Mounting hardware is not included. Measures 24"L x 9"W x 47"H.

Rack With Wheels



6-Tier Roller Wall Rack

6-Tier Wall Rack

Ridge Roller Rack holds all size rollers. Stores up to 5 rollers. One-piece steel design can be mounted between studs. Mounting hardware not included. Measures 33"L x 7.5"W x 10"H.



Ridge Roller Rack

Standing Roller Rack is an easy solution for storing your foam rollers. Rack holds up to twenty 3' long rollers. Made of commercial grade PVC plastic for strength and stability. Easy to assemble. No special glue or hardware required. Measures 31¾"L x 16½"W x 68"H. Foam Roller Wall Rack saves floor space. Sturdy steel construction holds up to seven 3' long rollers. Load rollers through the top and have them dispense at the bottom. Mounting hardware is not included. Measures 37"L x 11"W x 46"H. #2211-01 Foam Roller Wall Rack $199.95

Ridge Roller Rack

Wall Rack



Standing Roller Rack

Wooden Free-Standing Roller Rack is a 1-piece design that can be placed anywhere. Holds 7 rollers of any length. Solid wooden construction has a urethane coating for extra durability. Measures 48"L x 7.5"W x 9"H.

Wooden Free-Standing Roller Rack




Wooden Free Standing Roller Rack

Standing Roller Rack


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