2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

PB EXTREME ® POWER RACK Allows for safe training with its self-spotting capability.

Strength exercises can now be done both inside and outside of the rack. Band attachments are located on both the upper and lower sides of the rack for band assisted and resisted exercises. Includes a weight storage system that accommodates both Olympic plates and bumper plates. Safety locking pistol grips come on both the J-hooks and Safety Spot arms, making it easy to change positions. Numbered hook plates allow for easy adjustments. Available in black frames only. 8' x 6' Platform with Insert has hand-made tongue and groove oak footing with a 2" x 3" steel tube frame. Rubber mats are ¾" thick and water jet cut for a precise fit. Ramps included. Custom logos available. PB Extreme Connectors allow you to create a dedicated training space between your Power Racks for pull-ups or suspension training exercises. Connectors are 8' long with a 4' pull-up bar. Dip Attachment attaches right into the hook plates and allows you to perform dips, tricep and core work. Extreme Core Trainer Attachment locks right into your rack so you can perform more rotational and functional exercises with your Olympic Bar. #4002-01 PB Extreme Power Rack $3295.00 #4002-26 8' x 6' Platform with Insert $2995.00 #4001-25 PB Extreme Connector $ 499.00 #4001-28 Dip Attachment $249.00 #4001-29 E.C.T. Attachment for PB Extreme Racks $209.00



Also Available with Black Frames

PB EXTREME ® ADJUSTABLE BENCH Hydraulic piston assist allows for quick and easy adjustments.

Red and Blue Benchpads Available

Bench back adjusts to five positions (flat to 82 degrees) and the seat can adjust to five positions as well. Welded frame for strength and durability. Handle and wheels allow for easy movement around your gym. Available in black or silver frames. Bench measures 53.5"L x 24"W x 18.5"H when flat. Extra Benchpads are available in black, red, or royal blue. Logo’ed Headwraps are available and can be embroidered to add customization to your benches. #4003-00 / PB Extreme Adjustable Bench $629.00 #4004-00 / / Extra Benchpads $149.00 #4005-00 Logo’ed Headwrap CALL FOR PRICE 2


Customize Your Benches with Optional Embroidered Headwraps



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