2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

NT LOOP Provides more comfort, stability, and durability than traditional latex bands.

SLING SHOT HIP CIRCLE Great for hip and glute activation and strength.

Great to use around the waist to increase glute activation during deadlifts, squats, hip thrusts, and resisted running. Place around your foot, ankle, or thigh, to perform standing hip adduction and abduction exercises or hip flexion and extension movements. Soft fabric has an inner layer with non-slip grips. Each loop is 50"L x 3"W. Burn + Loop is stiffer and provides more resistance. Burn-X Loops are designed for exercises that require maximum resistance, such as jumping and cutting exercises and waist-resisted exercises. # 1239-01 NT Loop - Burn $49.95 # 1239-02 NT Loop - Burn+ $59.95 # 1239-03 NT Loop - Burn-X $59.95

Soft and extremely durable band won’t pinch skin when being stretched. Wear just above the knees and use for linear and lateral walks. Helps clients and athletes force their knees out while squatting and sumo deadlifting. The XL hip circles are better for people over 260 lbs. Hip Circle Max is made of a stiffer material than the regular Sling Shot Hip Circle, providing more resistance for the user. The XL size is best for people over 230 lbs. #1212-01 Sling Shot Hip Circle 15" Diameter $29.95 #1212-02 Sling Shot Hip Circle XL 16.5" Diameter $29.95 #1226-01 Hip Circle Max 15" Diameter $44.95 #1226-02 Hip Circle Max XL 16.5" Diameter $44.95

NEW! PB ISO BANDS A comfortable, safe, and durable resistance band.

Perfect to use for anchored or self-anchored exercises. More comfortable than rubber—does not pinch! Easy on hands and feet, so no handles are necessary. 100"L loops with 3.75"W elastic webbing. Bands have a 50" range of motion before a “soft” end that can be used as a dynamic isometric hold. All bands are made in the USA. Iso Band Light goes from 10–40 lbs. of resistance. Iso Band Heavy goes from 15–80 lbs. of resistance. Prowler Loops are 8"L loops that are ideal for resisted running, agility drills, and any training ideas that benefit form a long range of motion. 14” Flat Loops come in a set of 3 (light, medium, and heavy) and are great for resisted lower body movements.

FIRST PLACE ® SAFETY TONER LOOP Sleeved covering protects the band and user from breaks.

SAVE 15%

Covering provides comfort when using for both upper and lower body exercises. Great for lateral shuffles, leg lifts, bear crawls, and more! Loops measure 12" in diameter. #1211-01 Light $12.95 #1211-02 Medium $13.95 #1211-03 Heavy $14.95

buy 3 or more

#1240-01-Light #1240-01-Heavy #1241-01-Light #1241-02-Heavy

$35.95 $39.95 $75.95 $79.95 $32.95

Iso Band 50 Iso Band 50

Light (10–40 lbs.) Heavy (15–80 lbs.) Light (15–45 lbs.) Heavy (15–45 lbs.)

96” Prowler Loop 96” Prowler Loop



14” Flat Loops

Set of 3


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