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AIREX FOAM MATS A high-quality, commercial grade mat that is perfect for low impact exercise, core training, and stretching. Unique, soft feel with firm support makes these the most comfortable mats on the market. Made with hard-wearing material for increased durability and longer life spans. Antimicrobial sanitized finish and closed-cell design keep water and dirt from penetrating the mat.



YogaPilates Mats

#3001-01 #3001-02 #3001-03 #3001-04 #3001-05 #3001-06 #3001-07

$ 74.95

Fitline 120

48" x 23" x .5"

Fitline 140 56" x 23½" x .4" $ 69.95

72" x 23½" x .4" $ 86.95

Fitline 180

$119.95 $179.95 $189.95 $294.95

Coronella 185 72" x 23" x .6" Corona 185 72" x 39" x .6" Corona 200 78" x 39" x .6"


78" x 39" x 1"

Available with Eyelets


Keep your Airex Mats off the ground and neatly hung in your facility. Durable eyelets are punched in to prevent falling out or breaking apart.



56" x 23½" x .4"

Fitline 140 with Eyelets Fitline 180 with Eyelets

72" x 23½" x .4" $104.95



Designed specifically to reduce stress to joints during yoga and Pilates classes. Non-slip surface lies flat when in use.


YogaPilates 190 75" x 24" x .3" $89.95

FIRST PLACE ® VERTICAL MAT RACK WITH WHEELS Double-sided rack can hold mats of any size. Holds up to 20 mats. Storage pegs on both sides of the rack can be adjusted to hold mats of different widths and sizes. Free-standing rack has wheels to make it easy to move around your facility. Mat storage pegs are 9" long. Rack measures 82"H x 25"W.

FIRST PLACE ® ADJUSTABLE WALL MAT RACK Adjusts to fit any mat with eyelets up to 23" in width. Easily mounts to studs to help keep your mats off the ground. 8" storage pegs can be tightened to maintain your desired spacing. Holds up to 12 hanging mats. Mounting hardware not included. Measures 26"L x 2 ½"H.

FIRST PLACE ® ALL-PURPOSE MAT RACK Store your mats off the ground when they are not in use. Steel rack is great to use for storage when space is limited. Simply drape the mats over the bar to keep them in place. Mounting hardware not included. Measures 26"L x 7"W x 2"H.

#3015-01 Adjustable Wall Mat Rack






#3017-01 Vertical Mat Rack with Wheels


All-Purpose Mat Rack

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