2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

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ASSAULT AIR BIKE An air-based, upright bike.

SCHWINN AIRDYNE AD 7 Built around the power of unlimited wind resistance.

Offers as much resistance as you can handle—the harder you pedal, the greater the resistance. Dual-action design synchronizes your arm and leg movements to simulate your natural motion. Display shows distance, watts, time, calories, and an odometer with set intervals. Reinforced crank, pedals, and heavy-duty pivot points make for a stronger bike. Bikes now include a water bottle holder as well as a transport handle on the back for easy mobility. Windscreen shields riders from wind and is easy to install or remove.

Resistance increases or decreases based on how much effort you put in. Perimeter weighted fan makes for an easy start up and smooth ride, while the solid, premium-grade construction adds durability. Upper LCD display shows calories per minute, watts, RPMs, and speed. The lower LCD display provides countdown timers, interval tracking, total calories, total miles, and heart rate. 10 interval training programs offer uniquely challenging workouts. Multi-position handles offer the flexibility to place your hands vertically or horizontally. Includes Windscreen Attachment that deflects the wind from your body when pedaling. #2028-01 Airdyne AD 7 (42"L x 20"W x 52"H) $1399.00

#2003-01 Assault Air Bike (51"L x 24"W x 50"H)

$749.00 $ 39.95

#2003-25 Windscreen

KEISER M3 INDOOR CYCLE Magnetic flywheel allows for a smooth (no friction), quiet ride. Made of corrosive-resistant materials and virtually maintenance free. Rear mounted flywheel with guard prevents wear from moisture and perspiration. 4-way adjustable seat position, adjustable handle height, and adjustable pedals. Computer measures RPMs, trip distance, trip time, heart rate, resistance, and power output and has a backlight feature. Keiser M3i comes equipped with Bluetooth technology and handle bars that adjust from front to back.

#2002-01 #2002-02

$2030.00 $2280.00

Keiser M3 Keiser M3i

(49"L x 26"W x 45"H) (49"L x 26"W x 45"H)



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