2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

ASSAULTRUNNER ELITE A low-impact design for high-intensity training.

FREEMOTION INCLINE TRAINER Driven by a one-of-a-kind, rear-drive motor system that delivers quality performance. Adjust decline/incline from -3º to 30º in 0.5º increments. 5 HP motor with 0.5 to 12 MPH speeds (max. speed of 10 MPH at declines less than 0º). Computer displays time, segment time, pace, distance, calories, watts, heart rate, % max. heart rate (polar compatible), speed, incline, and vertical feet. 80"L x 37"W x 78"H.

A non-motorized treadmill means that you are always in control of your speed, making it ideal for runners of all skill levels. Designed to naturally mimic above-ground running. Allows athletes to test the limits of their training while also promoting proper running form and technique. Includes dual water bottle holders and a multi-functional center storage compartment. Large side panels make for easy foot placement. Heavy-duty steel frame ensures a stable, smooth, and low maintenance workout. Measures 69.9"L x 31.7"W x 64.4"H.

# 2026-01


AssaultRunner Elite



FreeMotion Incline Trainer

NEW! SPIRIT CT850 TREADMILL Designed to withstand the rigors of a commercial fitness environment. Durable, commercial-grade, pre-lubricated belt allows for enhanced comfort and extensive use. Powerful 4.0 HP motor has a 12mph top speed and 15 levels of incline for ultimate workout versatility. Multi-window LED display shows speed, incline, distance, pace, calories, METS, pulse, watts, time elapsed and time remaining, and allows direct access to quickly adjust speed and incline during workouts. Large console features an adjustable fan, cell phone ledge, small storage tray, tablet-friendly reading rack, bottle holders, USB charging port and more. 85” L x 35.8” W x 60.6” H. # 2019-01 Spirit CT850 Treadmill CALL FOR PRICE



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