2023 Perform Better Digital Catalog

JUNGLE GYM XT A versatile, portable, adjustable device for bodyweight exercises.

Simply attach to any pull-up bar, squat rack, or beam. Use for pushups, dips, rows, core work, and more! Two straps can be used independently to allow for wide-angle use or use the Duro-link attachment and connect them into a single unit. Easy-in foot cradles are quick and easy to get in and out of. Rubber grip handles are long lasting and easier to clean than foam handles. Custom carbon-fiber cam buckles are smooth edged and lay in-line with the straps to greatly improve comfort on your forearms. Integrated synch loops and non-scuff door anchors allow these to be attached almost anywhere! Each strap is 8' long.



Jungle Gym XT

FIRST PLACE ® TRAINING RINGS A unique alternative in bodyweight training.

Attach the rings to a rack or secure object. Ring-shaped handles provide superior comfort and allow for more of a free-motion training element. Straps are 15' long and have 14 marking points for easy adjustment cues. Includes two plastic rings with rubber grips and two straps with buckles for quick and easy mounting. Wood Training Rings have a slightly larger diameter than First Place Training Rings and are unpainted, allowing chalk to stick better when applied.

DELUXE AB STRAPS Develop and strengthen your abs from an upright position. Perform hanging knee raises safely and comfortably, while developing your core. Made of heavy-duty nylon and steel grommets for extra durability. Forged-steel carabiners lock right onto pull-up bars. 1½" high-density padding supports and cushions arms during use.

#1407-01 #1407-02

$79.95/pr. $99.95/pr.

First Place Rings (7" diameter) Wood Rings (7.6" diameter)



Deluxe Ab Straps



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